[Sharing] Customized Printcious gift date :3

9:34 AM

Halo lovelies and foodies. I know is my fault for being MIA (missing in action) almost a month without any notice or updates ^^'' . But trust me, I'm back with better me ^.^v

Well, before my sharing begins, really thanks to everyone that care for me and love me as this is my very 1st anniversary of I'M STILL ALIVE celebration after my last year accident story begins. Really feel lucky and grateful to have whatever I have now especially having Mr Chooi. Having Mr Chooi by my side is more than enough as he do give me mentally support most of the time. Therefore, a gift for him maybe? (PS:this sharing is more to a throwback story as his birthday is 2 months ago ^.^'''')

Printcious is a place where you can custom made your very own gift design for your love ones. Due to I'm a fluffy pillow lover, personalized pillow maybe? *excited mode is onzz ^.^* This is how it works ^.^

Step 1: Visit http://www.printcious.my/ to get an idea for your personalized special gift 
(For me, customized cute pillow maybe? :3)

Step 2: Yup... design time once you have selected your selected gift 

Step 3: Once design and payment confirmation is done, all you need to do is just sit back and wait for the gift to arrive ^.^

My review? Well, it do give me full of surprise as I get the gift just after 3 days and the pillow are really cute. Do my man like it? Hmm... have a look at the short video to know more maybe? ^///^

And that's my story having a sweet date with Mr Chooi. Thanks to Printcious that I finally know how much is my man love about this kiddy cute pillow that personalised by me and made from you :3 And that's not all lovelies and foodies. Do you want to earn some pocket money with them?

For now, I do affiliate with Printcious as is a win win situation platform. How about you? For  lovelies and foodies that want to get awesome price while shopping, do click this link => https://www.printcious.my/?aff=APPLEBII93 to enjoy the sweet date with Printcious yo. How about lovelies and foodies? Do share with me your story about this Printcious and also do not hesitate to drop comments below for any reviews and any advise from yo to me. For collaborations, reviews, events or even for personal chat, do drop a mail to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com yo.

Looks like I need to stop here as many things need to handle as I'm working on my Facebook page (hope to have much support from you lovelies and foodies ^.^). Till next update and buhbye! ^.^v

Extra photo sharing xD (this just made my day)

Just so coincidence I get to snap this such surprised expression <3
Happy is because of our lovely picture is on the pillow :3 (I guess la xD)

Ya.. I do tell him to hold it tight and do not ever let it go (I mean the pillow la xD)

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  1. The pillow very nice, I have only square size pillow ordered previously, I should order another heart shape like yours very nice

  2. Thanks for sharing about the site - now I know what to get for the next birthdays/ housewarming etc

  3. Omg! I want this! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. He looked really thrilled with your thoughtful gift. :)

  5. Sweet gift! Definitely nice receiving personalized gifts

  6. I made a couple of mug for my husband and myself too. this platform is really great for making custom-made presents

  7. The pillow looks soft and comfortable. Most importantly, the print looks of high quality. Planning to get one for myself.


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