[1609] Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysians and let's #bersatuTENAGA ^.^v

11:53 AM

Ohaiyo gozaishimasta Malaysians. Opps.. should I say Selamat Pagi wahai Malasians ^.^ Since today it's Malaysia Day, Apple here would like to wish you all have a powerful and energetic day as hope my sharing do light up your day. ^.^

Do you guys remember my previous sharing about joining this #bersatuTENAGA campaign by TNB? Well, their official MV is up now and for those who participate this campaign, do check out their MV as your video might appear in their MV yo.

Check the official MV here where Faizal Tahir, Jaclyn Victor and Elizabeth Tan came together with the Malaysians participant of this campaign ^.^

This official MV really light up my day though I just appear for a second in the MV. Well, is better than nothing. How about you guys? This MV really show me how great to be a Malaysian and how unity we are ^.^v *happy mode onz*

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