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Friday, February 3, 2017

[Review Sharing] Stay fit with Jonlivia S5+ ^.^b

Hola and Gong Xi Fatt Chai lovelies and foodies. Hope you guys are having a prosperous year since is time for us to get more angpao and eat more CNY cookies like Pineapple Tart, Almond London, Bee Hive biscuits and etc right..? xD (mouth watering...) What to do? Is a must activity while Chinese New Year ler xD (shake belly xD).

But WAIT!!! (look at the calendar 0.0''') Oh no...0.0''' is my friend's wedding dinner this Sunday 0.0'' (mouth still eating snacks) Baguslah... need to think how to lose some weight to fit my dinner dress that I bought last month ^^''' (thinking hard >.<)

I understand that everyone of us (especially ladies) sure need to control in eating and stay fit so that easy to get newly fashionable cloths. Luckily Jonlivia product is with me to save my life in staying beautifully fit me <3<3<3

Say hello to Jonlivia <3
This is the Jonlivia S5+ hot pants o.. ^.^ *excited*

Introduce you this 100% genuine high tech fibers of 85% Neoprene and 15% Nylon that made from Taiwan, having a beautifully healthy body shape is not an issue with Jonlivia hot pants. With such good quality hot pants, Jonlivia do help us in 3 to 4 times sweating no matter you are doing workout or just for casual wear (seriously no joke 0.0b). This hot pants really do make my life easier as it do help me in sweating and burning my fats internally even I'm busy with my job (I do wear it now while blogging ler.. xD)


with 100% genuine neoprene

fits perfectly

where easy to workout...

...and burn more!

For my personal review, I do feel a lil slimmer when Jonlivia S5+ hot pants is onz. My leg is sweating internally even I just having some casual activities at home before get out for a workout. And yeah, in case you guys are struggling in cleaning this hot pants after use issue, no worries. They do have some caring instructions printed in the pants to make your life easier yo. Hard to believe huh? Really should have a try guys... ^.^b

Caring instructions that printed in the pants <3

And the best part of Jonlivia S5+ is having a back pocket with zip to save your belongings!
^.^b just love it so much

Awesome right with such beautifully healthy date with Jonlivia? Tunggu apa lagi? Wait no more guys. Do join check them out to have such beautifully healthy date with Jonlivia so that we can have more food hunt in future xD Do lovelies and foodies interested with it? Just drop by to their website and you will find the way. Looks like I need to get the Jonlivia Phiro product since is my solution of maintaining my posture after the bad accident story ^^'''

Check here more to be healthily beautiful you ^.^b

Website: Jonlivia 

Facebook page: Jonlivia


Thursday, January 26, 2017

This is my CNY Lazada 2017 wish list~ ^.^v

Ohaiyo and good day lovelies and foodies. I'm sure lovelies and foodies sure very excited with tomorrow as tomorrow is the day we can get a lot and uncountable angpaos (I mean tomorrow is the official day of Chinese New Year la ^.^''). Since tomorrow is Chinese New Year, was thinking and hope to get more angpaos. Why? This is why.. xD

Let's check this out <3<3<3

I need to have $$$ to buy things that I want (and need la of cause xD) cause I'm sure many online shopping platforms having great deals such as like Lazada. After scrolling for quite sometime at Lazada website, all I can say is this is my 5 CNY Lazada 2017 wish list where I want (I mean... I need xD)

This is my 5 Lazada CNY 2017 wish list that I want....  ^.^ *eyes blink blink*

1) Daniel Wellington Classic Black Cornwall
Time is Money, Money is Time. We really should treasure every beautiful moments that we have with family and friends as no one will know what will happen for the next second. I really need to have this watch not only because I love the classic design la, is just want it to be a reminder for me to have sometime for myself other than work work work work... ^^''

2) Lenovo Tab 3
Yeah... I do agree that is hard for us to live without technology especially your work is related to techno and social media (cause trust me, I just get back my lappy not long ago and is the reason why I being MIA for quite some time other than busy in CNY preparation ^^''''). Need this tablet as I do believe it do save my life in blogging industry ^.^'''

3) Gucci Flora
There are numerous reasons why people wear perfumes and likes perfumes.One of the reason is we will feel refreshing and happy from the presence of pheromones, memories the scent invokes, a feeling of escape, and the ability to show individuality through fragrances. Therefore, the reason why why I choose this perfume is because this year of 2017, I want to find a perfume to represent myself well by letting people to remember me each time they smells this scent of perfume (cheh wah.. let me syok sendiri awhile xD)

4) ADATA HV620S 1TB hard disk
Yup... too much documents (articles), photos (selfies xD), videos, movies and this is my savior xD. 1TB sure enough for me (for now la I suppose.. ^^''')

5) Levi's Classic
Since is a new year wish, I do hope Mr Chooi to have this shirt since he need to have this shirt for work (and this design is his cup of tea xD). He do give me the best he can, why I can't then? ^.^ Hope he love this once I bought this for him.. <3<3<3

So yeah... this is my CNY Lazada 2017 wish list. When I calculate the amount that I need to pay and surprisingly is RM2,017 yo. Is it a hints for me that 2017 is a ONG arr, HENG arr and HUAT AARR!!! year for me? (means lucky and prosperous) xD

So what is your CNY wish list ya lovelies and foodies? Do share with me at the comment box below and mail me to for more chats yo ^.^ Wish lovelies and foodies have a very prosperous Chinese New Year and stay with me for more story yo ^.^v

#TableOfHarmony is what we need during Chinese New Year~ ^.^v

Hola lovelies and foodies! Hope you guys are doing great as is a brand new year of 2017. I know lovelies and foodies do miss me so much as is been a long time from my last update ^.^''' Since this is my first story of January 2017, let us chat about Chinese New Year preparation like baking CNY cookies, CNY cleaning and thinking how many angpaos that we will be getting xD

As usual, CNY baking and cleaning is a must do thing for most Chinese as is a sign of welcoming a prosperous year. Anyway, since Chinese New Year is this coming weekend, have you guys watch this Chinese New Year webfilm by TNB? The story do let me understand the real meaning of reunions. Let's check out the video now ^.^

Cooking Hustle - TNB Chinese New Year 2017

After watching this webfilm, I finally understand the meaning of harmony. I do admit that most of reunion gatherings is not about having a good time with families, is about a time where most of them want & will compare with each other. Everyone is different. Everyone has their specialty where it may be an issue when your personality is clash with your relatives when having reunion gathering (where is a normal issue especially for those big family ^.^'').

When we're together,
Everything's a little Brighter

Based on the webfilm, the first thing I had in my mind is when there is a challenge, nothing is too bad to overcome as long as we work together as a family. For example, just like the Chinese New Year dishes. Each Chinese New Year dish may look traditionally similarly simple, but they do taste more yummy when it comes in working with each food pairing. Since everyone is different, TNB do let us know what kind of dish are we by checking at the unveil Mystery Dish page. Let me share with you guys what Mystery Dish am I (and please don't laugh at me yo xD)

I'm a Spicy Mother Duck 姜母鸭 (seriously o.0)

For easier understanding, the reason why I scold someone is just because I care and love the someone that I scold xD (and I hope 'the someone' that being scolded by me understand why lo xD). Do lovelies and foodies want to know your Mystery Dish? Wait no more and let's click click at the unveil Mystery Dish page to find out your result. Jom jom.. ^.^

Once lovelies and foodies know your Mystery Dish result, do share with me at my comment box below or mail me to to be our secret chat. Last but not least, me and Foodilicious would like to wish lovelies and foodies a very harmonious Chinese New Year and happy moments will be better when everyone come together as one. Till next update, much love and mucckkksss...<3<3<3

Click here to know more about this harmonious dish:

Website => Table of Harmony

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Unboxing Lazada Box of Joy moment ^.^v

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Since busy in brainstorming work that related with blogging lately, my day just become such beautiful and sweet when I get to know there is a Box of Joy from Lazada (kkyyyaaaa....*excited mode onz*)

It's my first time ever doing such surprisingly unboxing and I just love this moment ^.^

For lovely Parents in the world <3

There is an easier way for daddy and mummy to have baby shopping as Lazada Malaysia do provides best deals for new baby products. It is an answer for daddy and mummy to skip the hassle when buying and queuing while having shopping especially when there is parenthood expo.

  • Mamy Poko brand is a trusted product for new born baby as their product do provides the softest touch to baby skin.
  • When thinking to have healthy baby, should choose Nestle Just Milk drink and Nestle Cerelac as they really is a best choice for kids. 

For Coffee Lover to have me date ^.^

I'm sure everyone about Nescafe. But have you taste before pandan flavor white coffee from Nescafe? Do have a pamper date with yourself with Nescafe Coffee from Lazada Malaysia to have such premium me date

For Pretty Ladies to have beautiful hairstyles

Yup.. is no joke as L'oreal Professional Paris do have a solution for you to have natural and beautiful hairstyle when using their Dual Stylers, Mythic Oil or Nutrifier Glycerol + Coco Oil. Do check out at Lazada Malaysia to get this beautiful solution to have beautiful you.

For College students / Workaholics

Do grab the SanDisk Dual Drive m3.0 to make your life easier when need some free space from computer or mobile. Do click click at Lazada Malaysia to know more about this awesome gadget.
And say hello to foodpanda ^.^

For Home-cookers 

Tefal is a solution for mummy a.k.a. home-cookers that need to diced the garlic, onions and such. This product is way easy and your time to diced the spices out. And did I tell you before that is a easy way to make salad? Click to Lazada Malaysia to know this awesome deal ^.^

For Maggi lovers

Is my very first time get to know there is Maggi White Seafood Tomyam instant noodles. Is really no joke as it taste awesome and is a must taste for tomyam lovers. Click click Lazada Malaysia to know more about this yummilicious food <3

For Sporty you ^.^

Milo do have some sporty products such as Ola Bola Bag and Milo Matt. Do visit Lazada Malaysia to know more deals about this brand.

Exciting right? Wait no more. Do visit Lazada Malaysia to check this awesome deals! *shopping mode onz*

PS: To enjoy best deals from Lazada by enter this voucher code => 25LAPOR20 <=  to enjoy 25% off yo! Happy online shopping ^.^v

Friday, November 25, 2016

[Wishing Time] This is my wish. What's yours? ^.^

Halo lovelies and foodies. Just have a personal story to share where I need some mentally support that what I'm thinking now is right ^.^

Since is a countdown period for Christmas, I keep asking myself and wonder... what is my wish for this year? 0.0 Back to my productive life? Get back my dream job? Or just get back everything that I've lost? While I'm thinking hard about this, I was being questioned "What inspires me after my story?". Looks like I know what is my wish for this year and coming years as LOVE is the thing inspires me <3

Love love love lovey dovey <3

When I'm so call successful after my college life where I get my dream work life, everything is just so beautiful cause those are my dreams where came true. But after my tragic accident story happen last year, I finally understand the meaning of "Love is Expensive" quote.

Though I'm unconscious during knowing what happen to me, I do remember clearly about my family and friend's expression, care and love towards me when and after the accident story begins. Mr Chooi and my cousins do tell me stories on how hard to communicate with me when I was conscious from trauma a week later as I keep changing language when we are talking and I do have some kiddy attitude (No worries, is normal as it's cased by overdose anesthetic ^.^'').

My very first family trip to Pangkor after discharge from hospital
(but Chef Mama Janet is not with us cause need to take care house cooking business >.<)

Since refresh and remember this memory, my wish for this year's Christmas is to have a sweet and warm date with my family and friends as last year's "surprise" is too  much for them ^.^''' I would like to have some sweet dating with friends and warm date with family especially Chef Mama Janet. Why? This is because I was being told by Mr Chooi that I keep bully Chef Mama Janet by crying, sulking and much more (where is so not my attitude that moment 0///0). No matter how hard am I to be care, Chef Mama Janet did not leave me alone even she is tired and how unhappy she is deep inside.

She is a chef and my mama, Chef Mama Janet <3

Due to Chef Mama Janet support most of the time, why not give some personalized present to her since Mr Chooi's expression on previous sharing do made me feel is a right thing to do for Chef Mama Janet. Thinking to give Chef Mama Janet a personalized pillow and a mug due to she spend a lot of her time standing and running around when I was admitted in hospital, she do have some medical issue now where she's facing Osteoarthritis of the knee. Pillow is for her to hug when she's having a rest and Mug is for her to relax and calm date with herself.


Ppssstttt... If you are running out of idea for Christmas gift, really should have a visit here => Gift for Him and/or Gift for Her as it do make your life easier to get the perfect gifts for your family and  friends ^.^

Pillow for Queen of my heart maybe?

Mug for Chef Mama Janet as she is the Mrs (Always) Right for me <3

So this is my wish for this year's Christmas. Having sweet dates with my love ones and hope my blogging life is getting better as I do believe putting efforts do pay off ^.^ What's your wish lovelies and foodies? Do share with me your stories at comment box below or mail me at for long chats, invitation, review, collaborations and etc yo ^.^

Till next sharing and I will remember such memorable feeling of LOVE from friends and families. Buhbye lovelies and foodies ^.^

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

[Sharing] Make a wish at Spritzer Sparkling Wishing Globe ^.^

Hey hey lovelies and foodies. Wish you guys have a sweet day ahead as jingle jingle bells season is just around the corner. Ya.. in case you are too busy with work life, Christmas of the year 2016 is just left 1 month+ ler (which means I'm getting older lo.. 0.0)

Is normal if we have wishes and hope it really came true as who doesn't want their wish come true (even want to have a food date is also a wish ler <= for me la xD). Since I want to get back the old me after my accident story, I do have a special wish. I wish to have a visit to Pavillion KL at least for few minutes before I back to my busy write ups life.

.................... *speechless* ....................

Ehh... wait. I want to visit  Pavillion KL doesn't mean for shopping dates or never been to Pavillion KL la. I want go Pavillion KL to make my wish in Spritzer Sparkling Wishing Globe that is just located at the entrance of Pavillion KL. Yes!! Make a wish in the wishing globe is what I want  <3

Is the Spritzer Sparkling Wishing Globe <3

Really need to make a wish in there <3

Presents to you the Wishing Globe by Spritzer Sparkling where you can have a sweet place to make your wish. But I'm sure some of you might think,

"Ceh.. only making wish in the Wishing Globe wor. Nothing special also." 

Of cause other than make a wish, photo moment is a must la (since is a normal trend ma xD). What if I tell you that you can also join Spritzer Sparkling photo contest to win shopping vouchers? I'm serious and it's true. Spritzer Sparkling is having this photo contest by just follow this few simple steps:

[ 1 ] Take a photo when you are wishing in the Wishing Globe

[ 2 ] Like Spritzer Facebook page before photo uploading

[ 3 ] Upload your photo at Facebook and tag #SparklingXmas 
* Reminder: Must be a 'Public' photo posting o

[ 4 ] Once done step 1-3, just sit back and wait for the result

** PS: Click click here to know the Terms and Condition o **

Easy to join right? There will be 10 lucky winners that selected EVERY WEEK (seriously.. is every week o) base on the 'Creativity' and 'Likes' for this photo contest. And tadah... don't say I didn't share with you guys about this easy and fun-going photo contest with Spritzer Sparkling yo.

So wait no more. Let's join and who knows, you are lucky enough to win shopping vouchers to have shopping date? Lovelies and foodies do share with me ya if you guys are joining this contest at my comment box below. For any events, reviews and collaboration, do drop a mail to ya. Before I say bye bye, Spritzer Sparkling would love to wish you all Merry Christmas and may your wish come true.

Website: Spritzer Facebook page

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

[Sharing] 11.11 year end sales fever \^0^/

Hey hey lovelies and foodies. Just a small sharing about this news. Do you guys ever get to know that there's a lot of 11.11 news? Don't really know or understand what is the meaning of 11.11? Well, let me explain what is it all about.

11.11 is also known as short term of 11 Nov, where is a year end sales fever all around the shopping websites. Yes.. seriously is true. No matter at Zalora, Alibaba, TaoBao or etc, they are celebrating this 11.11 Sales Storm / Singles Day/ or whatsoever title as long as the main focus of this date is about year end shopping fever.

Drop by ezbuy maybe to enjoy this awesome deals? 

Since get to know a lot of this good stuff, why not let us shop till we drop on 11.11 year end sales with ezbuy? Yup... since everything is cheap cheap that you can save up to 11 TIMES with ezbuy on this coming 11 Nov. We should wait no more! For those new ezbuy-ers, you will get free RM 15 free shopping vouchers from this link =>[ ]. So wait no more guys. Let's visit ezbuy together-gather la at together-gather la *^0^* (over excited  mode is onz)

[Food Review] Having D'Food Caravanz, Sungei Wang Plaza date~ ^.^v

Hey hey foodies and lovelies. Hope you guys are doing great as life is just beautiful when you being positive. Since I do talk about products, services, and news sharing lately, how about back to my main story telling that related with FOODS?? xD

Here we are. At Level 3, for...
... food truck concept...
... D'Food Caravanz food date that located at Sungei Wang Plaza ^.^v

Well, I need to thank OpenRice Malaysia first of all for giving me such golden opportunity to have yummilicious moment at D'Food Caravanz, Sungei Wang Plaza. Why yummilicious? For my personal point of view, due to it's a food truck trend lately, why not having in-shopping-mall food truck date then? Yup.. D'Food Caravanz is a food truck concept place where is happening at the 3rd floor of Sungei Wang Plaza. This place do serve economical and full of surprise foods as there are 7 food stalls that serve different types of cuisine such as Arabian, Japanese, Thai, local and much more.

Stall #1 : Little Thai Corner
(serves Thai cuisine such as Tom Yum)

Stall #2: DM Port

(serves local Malay cuisine such as Nasi Lemak)

Stall #3: Gabiatte

(serves Japanese cuisine such as Takoyaki)

Stall #4: Dijla Chef Ahmad
(serves Arabian cuisine such as Iraqi Kebab)

Stall #5: Mat Rock Special

(serves local cuisine such as Ayam Goreng Kunyit)

Stall #6: SS2 Goreng Pisang
(serves local snacks such as Pisang Goreng)

Stall #7: Boss Potato Corner

(serves local economical dish)
Actually I was thinking to tryout Stall #3 (Japanese cuisine) at first where I was craving for Takoyaki date that moment. But too bad... it was closed where I need to say bye bye to my Takoyaki (TT.TT). Well, what can I do? After surveying around, Stall #4 seems not bad as they do serve salad that I was craving to have that day as well. So, yeah.. why not give a try? At first was thinking to have Arabian Salad (RM 4) and Arabian Yogurt  (RM 6) to try out. But due to the yogurt is out of stock, the chef recommend this to me and Mr Chooi. Maybe pictures shows louder than words? ^.^

Arabic Salad
RM 4

It was served with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lemon and special salad sauce + vinegar. Is a tangy appetizer where it do made you to have more food dates after having this salad

Dijla Fish Fillet
RM 13

Was  served with Mandy rice that other than is colorful, is a tasty fusion that eat with their yummy crunchy fillet even if you left it for some time

Shish-Taouk with Mandy rice
RM 10

Served with special marinated chicken where it do let us know Arabian home recipe taste. This is the most recommended dish if you want to know how pure is Arabian  food taste like.

To be honest, the food is really economical where you have no worries about the price where it cost below RM 10 (most of the dish and same goes to other stalls). Is really filling where me and Mr Chooi have no choice but to 'dabao' (take away) our leftovers as the portion is very big (but the PIC says is normal portion from them 0.0). So yeah.. this is my rate for this:

Foods => 8/10
(other than is affordable and yummy, is a must try food is all I can say)

Service => 8/10
(they do explain what we are having when we ask what's this and that on our plate)

Environment => 7/10
(it was still okay when I visited here during weekend. But just can't imagine during lunch hour on weekdays 0.0)

So this is my story about Stall #4 of the D'Food Caravanz, Sungei Wang Plaza. Will visit here again cause will have more economical food dates ^@^. What do lovelies and foodies think about this? Have you try here before? If yes, do drop comments below to share with me what should I tryout here. For any collaborations, invites or even personal chat, just drop a mail to yo. Hope to have more food dates and wish you all having beautiful day as life is Foodilicious ^.^

3rd Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Cost of the meal:
Mostly below RM 10

Website =>

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

[Sharing] Having fun and being safe with Bike Computer app ^.^

Having fun while travelling around is everyone's dream including cyclistCyclometers and GPS tracking apps dedicated for cyclists have been around for years, yet most of them are missing a key feature for the safety conscious cyclists. Venikom aims to change that with the introduction of Bike Computer, a dedicated GPS tracking mobile app encompassing the standard functionalities of a cyclometer with the addition of Keep me Safe™ feature that notifies your emergency contacts in case of an accident.

Check out this video:

Bike computer displays the following information while you ride:
• Speed
• Heart Rate
• Temperature
• Distance
• Time
• Elevation


Wait, there's more feature yo ^.^

  • Sync your cycling activity with Strava, the most popular cycling community.

  • Works with almost all Bluetooth activity trackers and HR monitors.

  • Share your activity on Facebook and Twitter

Venikom didn’t stop there, they dedicated two years of research and development, and additionally recruited pro cyclists as advisors before Bike Computer came to fruition. The aim of the project was to give something different to cyclists, or at least a complementary app to their current roster of favorite apps.

As a result Bike Computer is at least 12% more efficient in terms of energy consumption compared to the current highly rated apps such as Strava, RunKeeper, Endomondo, and others. While at the same time it has a deep integration with Strava, which lets you easily synchronise your activities.  

The team isn’t ready to call it a day, they are currently developing a Live Tracking feature, that would enable a coach to monitor the cyclist performance and send back appropriate advice, and a lightweight power bank that would extend the active running time of the Bike Computer for additional 15 hours.

Bike Computer is a freemium app available on Google Play Store and iTunes right now. If you register in the first 60 days, the Keep Me Safe mode will be available free for the first year, after the promotional period the price will be $49 annually.

Venikom is not a newcomer in the IT industry, it is a software company from Macedonia established in 1994. In the portfolio of Venikom you can find well known brands such as Nike, Heineken, GQ, Vogue, Glamour, AD, Vanity Fair etc.

Click click here to know more about Bike Computer ^.^v

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

[VS Game Time] ezbuy Malaysia OR Taobao better?? 0.0

I'm sure everyone (most of you guys) love to have some online shopping date as it's a way convenient  to buy our needs without stepping out from home (where is also known as  BusyLazy Symptom that everyone has it at this modern-techno era xD). Though sometimes do give us a convenient way of purchasing, but don't you have some worries while online purchasing like me most of the time such as 'Is my purchase safe during delivery' or 'How long should I wait my purchase this time'?? 

Well, I do have a so called not-really-perfect experience this year regarding online purchase with this platform. I'm sure everyone know about TaoBao right? Just because I'm a Banana (a Chinese that not good / don't know Chinese words ^^''), do have some issue with them personally back then. Though I know that there are some local TaoBao agents now that can help us to get our purchase earlier than last time where we need to wait more than a month (but still need to wait 2-3 weeks la ^^'''), but they still need to spend some time liaising with the seller where will delay our shipping as well. Due to is hard for me to deal with China Taobao, why not look for more localized platform?

I do get to know there is a localized TaoBao-like online shopping platform lately and it really do made me surprised after I watch this video =0=

ezbuy Malaysia (formerly also known as 65daigou) really do help us in products that we are looking for even you might not have best translation. This platform do provide us local customer service support where we should have no worries any after sales issue such as wrong, damaged or even missing parcel (wow.. really like not bad yo <3). 

ezbuy Malaysia not only having the lowest shipping rate at RM4.50/500g, they also known as the lowest international shipping rate as well where 8.80 for TaoBao and 18/500g for USA (=0= it was like WOW!!). ezbuy Malaysia do have variety of shipping method such as express air, sensitive sea, and etc, where you no need to worry about can't get your sensitive products. 

Well, I really should give a try now since I need to buy sneakers as I do think the recommendations are not bad and the main reason is they are so cheap after discount rate. Really look forward to their product once I purchase them and who knows, I might have unboxing moment maybe? xD

What do lovelies and foodies think about this? Don't you feel the deals that they offer to us is very seducing? Do drop comments below on what do you think about ezbuy Malaysia and hope this sharing do give you a clear idea where to have an awesome online shopping date in future. Till next update and Buhbye! ^.^v

Click here to check it out => ezbuy Malasia

Saturday, October 15, 2016

[Sharing] Customized Printcious gift date :3

Halo lovelies and foodies. I know is my fault for being MIA (missing in action) almost a month without any notice or updates ^^'' . But trust me, I'm back with better me ^.^v

Well, before my sharing begins, really thanks to everyone that care for me and love me as this is my very 1st anniversary of I'M STILL ALIVE celebration after my last year accident story begins. Really feel lucky and grateful to have whatever I have now especially having Mr Chooi. Having Mr Chooi by my side is more than enough as he do give me mentally support most of the time. Therefore, a gift for him maybe? (PS:this sharing is more to a throwback story as his birthday is 2 months ago ^.^'''')

Printcious is a place where you can custom made your very own gift design for your love ones. Due to I'm a fluffy pillow lover, personalized pillow maybe? *excited mode is onzz ^.^* This is how it works ^.^

Step 1: Visit to get an idea for your personalized special gift 
(For me, customized cute pillow maybe? :3)

Step 2: Yup... design time once you have selected your selected gift 

Step 3: Once design and payment confirmation is done, all you need to do is just sit back and wait for the gift to arrive ^.^

My review? Well, it do give me full of surprise as I get the gift just after 3 days and the pillow are really cute. Do my man like it? Hmm... have a look at the short video to know more maybe? ^///^


And that's my story having a sweet date with Mr Chooi. Thanks to Printcious that I finally know how much is my man love about this kiddy cute pillow that personalised by me and made from you :3 And that's not all lovelies and foodies. Do you want to earn some pocket money with them?

For now, I do affiliate with Printcious as is a win win situation platform. How about you? For  lovelies and foodies that want to get awesome price while shopping, do click this link => to enjoy the sweet date with Printcious yo. How about lovelies and foodies? Do share with me your story about this Printcious and also do not hesitate to drop comments below for any reviews and any advise from yo to me. For collaborations, reviews, events or even for personal chat, do drop a mail to yo.

Looks like I need to stop here as many things need to handle as I'm working on my Facebook page (hope to have much support from you lovelies and foodies ^.^). Till next update and buhbye! ^.^v

Extra photo sharing xD (this just made my day)

Just so coincidence I get to snap this such surprised expression <3
Happy is because of our lovely picture is on the pillow :3 (I guess la xD)

Ya.. I do tell him to hold it tight and do not ever let it go (I mean the pillow la xD)