#TableOfHarmony is what we need during Chinese New Year~ ^.^v

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Hola lovelies and foodies! Hope you guys are doing great as is a brand new year of 2017. I know lovelies and foodies do miss me so much as is been a long time from my last update ^.^''' Since this is my first story of January 2017, let us chat about Chinese New Year preparation like baking CNY cookies, CNY cleaning and thinking how many angpaos that we will be getting xD

As usual, CNY baking and cleaning is a must do thing for most Chinese as is a sign of welcoming a prosperous year. Anyway, since Chinese New Year is this coming weekend, have you guys watch this Chinese New Year webfilm by TNB? The story do let me understand the real meaning of reunions. Let's check out the video now ^.^

Cooking Hustle - TNB Chinese New Year 2017

After watching this webfilm, I finally understand the meaning of harmony. I do admit that most of reunion gatherings is not about having a good time with families, is about a time where most of them want & will compare with each other. Everyone is different. Everyone has their specialty where it may be an issue when your personality is clash with your relatives when having reunion gathering (where is a normal issue especially for those big family ^.^'').

When we're together,
Everything's a little Brighter

Based on the webfilm, the first thing I had in my mind is when there is a challenge, nothing is too bad to overcome as long as we work together as a family. For example, just like the Chinese New Year dishes. Each Chinese New Year dish may look traditionally similarly simple, but they do taste more yummy when it comes in working with each food pairing. Since everyone is different, TNB do let us know what kind of dish are we by checking at the unveil Mystery Dish page. Let me share with you guys what Mystery Dish am I (and please don't laugh at me yo xD)

I'm a Spicy Mother Duck 姜母鸭 (seriously o.0)

For easier understanding, the reason why I scold someone is just because I care and love the someone that I scold xD (and I hope 'the someone' that being scolded by me understand why lo xD). Do lovelies and foodies want to know your Mystery Dish? Wait no more and let's click click at the unveil Mystery Dish page to find out your result. Jom jom.. ^.^

Once lovelies and foodies know your Mystery Dish result, do share with me at my comment box below or mail me to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com to be our secret chat. Last but not least, me and Foodilicious would like to wish lovelies and foodies a very harmonious Chinese New Year and happy moments will be better when everyone come together as one. Till next update, much love and mucckkksss...<3<3<3

Click here to know more about this harmonious dish:

Website => Table of Harmony

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