This is my CNY Lazada 2017 wish list~ ^.^v

10:18 AM

Ohaiyo and good day lovelies and foodies. I'm sure lovelies and foodies sure very excited with tomorrow as tomorrow is the day we can get a lot and uncountable angpaos (I mean tomorrow is the official day of Chinese New Year la ^.^''). Since tomorrow is Chinese New Year, was thinking and hope to get more angpaos. Why? This is why.. xD

Let's check this out <3<3<3

I need to have $$$ to buy things that I want (and need la of cause xD) cause I'm sure many online shopping platforms having great deals such as like Lazada. After scrolling for quite sometime at Lazada website, all I can say is this is my 5 CNY Lazada 2017 wish list where I want (I mean... I need xD)

This is my 5 Lazada CNY 2017 wish list that I want....  ^.^ *eyes blink blink*

1) Daniel Wellington Classic Black Cornwall
Time is Money, Money is Time. We really should treasure every beautiful moments that we have with family and friends as no one will know what will happen for the next second. I really need to have this watch not only because I love the classic design la, is just want it to be a reminder for me to have sometime for myself other than work work work work... ^^''

2) Lenovo Tab 3
Yeah... I do agree that is hard for us to live without technology especially your work is related to techno and social media (cause trust me, I just get back my lappy not long ago and is the reason why I being MIA for quite some time other than busy in CNY preparation ^^''''). Need this tablet as I do believe it do save my life in blogging industry ^.^'''

3) Gucci Flora
There are numerous reasons why people wear perfumes and likes perfumes.One of the reason is we will feel refreshing and happy from the presence of pheromones, memories the scent invokes, a feeling of escape, and the ability to show individuality through fragrances. Therefore, the reason why why I choose this perfume is because this year of 2017, I want to find a perfume to represent myself well by letting people to remember me each time they smells this scent of perfume (cheh wah.. let me syok sendiri awhile xD)

4) ADATA HV620S 1TB hard disk
Yup... too much documents (articles), photos (selfies xD), videos, movies and this is my savior xD. 1TB sure enough for me (for now la I suppose.. ^^''')

5) Levi's Classic
Since is a new year wish, I do hope Mr Chooi to have this shirt since he need to have this shirt for work (and this design is his cup of tea xD). He do give me the best he can, why I can't then? ^.^ Hope he love this once I bought this for him.. <3<3<3

So yeah... this is my CNY Lazada 2017 wish list. When I calculate the amount that I need to pay and surprisingly is RM2,017 yo. Is it a hints for me that 2017 is a ONG arr, HENG arr and HUAT AARR!!! year for me? (means lucky and prosperous) xD

So what is your CNY wish list ya lovelies and foodies? Do share with me at the comment box below and mail me to for more chats yo ^.^ Wish lovelies and foodies have a very prosperous Chinese New Year and stay with me for more story yo ^.^v

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