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Hola and Gong Xi Fatt Chai lovelies and foodies. Hope you guys are having a prosperous year since is time for us to get more angpao and eat more CNY cookies like Pineapple Tart, Almond London, Bee Hive biscuits and etc right..? xD (mouth watering...) What to do? Is a must activity while Chinese New Year ler xD (shake belly xD).

But WAIT!!! (look at the calendar 0.0''') Oh no...0.0''' is my friend's wedding dinner this Sunday 0.0'' (mouth still eating snacks) Baguslah... need to think how to lose some weight to fit my dinner dress that I bought last month ^^''' (thinking hard >.<)

I understand that everyone of us (especially ladies) sure need to control in eating and stay fit so that easy to get newly fashionable cloths. Luckily Jonlivia product is with me to save my life in staying beautifully fit me <3<3<3

Say hello to Jonlivia <3
This is the Jonlivia S5+ hot pants o.. ^.^ *excited*

Introduce you this 100% genuine high tech fibers of 85% Neoprene and 15% Nylon that made from Taiwan, having a beautifully healthy body shape is not an issue with Jonlivia hot pants. With such good quality hot pants, Jonlivia do help us in 3 to 4 times sweating no matter you are doing workout or just for casual wear (seriously no joke 0.0b). This hot pants really do make my life easier as it do help me in sweating and burning my fats internally even I'm busy with my job (I do wear it now while blogging ler.. xD)


with 100% genuine neoprene

fits perfectly

where easy to workout...

...and burn more!

For my personal review, I do feel a lil slimmer when Jonlivia S5+ hot pants is onz. My leg is sweating internally even I just having some casual activities at home before get out for a workout. And yeah, in case you guys are struggling in cleaning this hot pants after use issue, no worries. They do have some caring instructions printed in the pants to make your life easier yo. Hard to believe huh? Really should have a try guys... ^.^b

Caring instructions that printed in the pants <3

And the best part of Jonlivia S5+ is having a back pocket with zip to save your belongings!
^.^b just love it so much

Awesome right with such beautifully healthy date with Jonlivia? Tunggu apa lagi? Wait no more guys. Do join check them out to have such beautifully healthy date with Jonlivia so that we can have more food hunt in future xD Do lovelies and foodies interested with it? Just drop by to their website and you will find the way. Looks like I need to get the Jonlivia Phiro product since is my solution of maintaining my posture after the bad accident story ^^'''

Check here more to be healthily beautiful you ^.^b

Website: Jonlivia 

Facebook page: Jonlivia


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