[Sharing] Yum-meatless date with KindMeal.my at V Delight Cheras~ ^@^b

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Hola lovelies and foodies. Hope you guys doing great to have more yummy date like me xD  Owh yeah.... Since tomorrow is a vegetarian day for me based on Chinese calendar, let me share with you a user friendly tool to have such yummilicious meat free date ^.^

Let me share with you about this KindMeal.my story ^.^

KindMeal.my is a platform that encourage Malaysians to have meat free dining as sometimes having a meat free date is not that bad as you thought. I'm sure some of lovelies and foodies might think or say having meatless / vegan date is boring and a lil tasteless though is very healthy with many greeny veges on your plate. Here, I would like to say STOP!! Stop making a conclusion before give a try. Do you want to know why? Let me tell you a story that I have at V Delight Cheras.

Scrolling around to search for a yummy meatless date spot ^.^

By using KindMeal.my apps, you can checked out a lot of cafes or restaurants that serve meatless dish with discounts yo (0.o Seriously?!?) When I use this apps for the first time, I was like "Serious ma is meatless cafes / restaurants recommendation??" as the photos of the meal they posted doesn't seems like meat free dish o.. 0.0 Since I'm a lil curious, why not give a try since me and Mr Chooi's biggest trouble is have no idea what to eat most of the time ^^'''

Is easy and user friendly right? ^.^

So after I downloaded the V Delight to enjoy the discount offer (no advance payment needed o ^.^b), believe a not, this is my very first time having meatless date at a cafe / restaurants other than my home ^.^"'

We are here at V Delight Cheras ^.^

Such relaxing and nature loving feeling <3

Once our meals arrived, the first thing we do is of cause take pictures lo.. xD

Tomyum Ramen (Soup)
Only available on every Saturday & Sunday

(This dish really yummy and will make you want to have more as the soup is very tangy where Mr Chooi say's he is even hungry when eating this ^^'' if you know what he means la xD)

A traditional Korean dish that served with generous portion of greens

(This dish is really filling and is a must try for Korean food lover ^.^b)

Seriously... after me and Mr Chooi finish up our meal, I finally understand that we really should not make a conclusion before give a try. This meatless experience really made my day and when I share with my KL vegan relatives, they really excited to give a try when I show them the food photos xD And yeah, this my review of the KindMeal.my apps and V Delight ^.^

KindMeal.my Reviews:

Convenience => 8/10
(Is easy and a lot of choices for you to choose where to dine ^.^)

V Delight Reviews:

Environment => 8/10
(The place seems nature friendly and relaxing to dine in)

Service => 8/10
(They are super friendly is I all I can say)

Food => 9/10
(Other than decoration, it really doesn't seems and taste like a meatless, but is a really yummily meatless dish <3)

And this is my yummy meatless date at V Delight Cheras. Thanks to KindMeal.my for giving me such yummy meatless date and this is highly recommended to all lovelies and foodies out there to have a try with KindMeal.my websit or apps to have meat free date. Do check it out and share with me your stories at my comment box below or email me directly to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com for any collaboration, events or personal chat o... ^.^

Till next update and wish lovelies and foodies stay healthy to have more food dates in future ^.^ Foodilicious <3

KindMeal.my Website => http://www.kindmeal.my/

V Delight Cheras Website => http://www.v-delight.com/

V Delight Facebook page => V-Delight Signature

Extra photo sharing xD
Yeah... upside down trend is also available at V Delight Cheras for selfies or wefies moment.
Mr Chooi just don't know what to pose anyway.. xD

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