Miss me no more honey, as I'M BACK! \(^3^)/

4:19 PM

Halooooo foodies and lovelies <3 I know I've been missing in action for almost a year. But no worries, as I'M BACK!! (^0^)b

credits to I Am Katy's Mom
Do you believe that I do miss my story telling life after away from blogging for almost a year? After re-read my (almost) 3 years ago accident comeback story, the promises that I gave to foodies and lovelies should be kept no matter what. Therefore, I'm back with new, fresh and fun story telling style at Foodilicious ^3^

credits to GIPHY
Besides, for lovelies and foodies out there that still stay with me though I've been MIA for almost a year, thank you so much for your patience and love. I will try my best to give all of my love to you guys as without you all, I'm nobody. <3

credits to Amino
I've done with my planning and revenue of my blogging style months ago. So, I will try my best to keep my blogging schedule on time as I do not want to make my lovelies and foodies upset with me again. >3<

credits to tenor
Do follow my Foodilicious Facebook fan page to know more with my upcoming story as I will be sharing sneak peaks on every Wednesdays, and full stories on Weekends (either Saturdays or Sundays xD).

Foodilicious schedule xD
(I hope I can make it on time ^.^"")
It's good to be back on track and thank you lovelies and foodies for the love. See you guys on my next story telling as is a brand new story telling style which I hope you would love it <3

credited to Family Crisis Center

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