[Flower Tea Review] Hi-Tea date~ ^3^

9:04 PM

Once I got home from food date,
"How's your food date? There's a postage for you Apple. Go check it out."

0.0?? Seriously? A postage for me? I didn't do any online purchase yo 0.0

MY GOODNESS!?! Flower Tea date is onzzz. ^.^
This postage really do made my day as it's my very first time having flower tea date. I mean, I do have flower tea date, just having one to one date its so new to me <3. Really making me sooo excited to have date with them seriously. ^3^

Which one go first? o.0??
Blooming Tea, Jasmine, Peppermint, Blueberry Fruit Tea or Pink Rose? 
^.^'' What can I do since I have a so called Hard-To-Make-Decision illness ^^''. Maybe I should have the most simple yet awesome flower tea date first then only continue with others? (mumbling to myself.. just ignore ^^'')

Jasmine Tea date begins ^3^ *over excited*
Other than promoting the sense on well-being and calm, Jasmine tea may good for our heart too yo. As I know, Jasmine tea do reduce cholesterol and bad fats in our body which Jasmine tea do reduce the heart diseases and strokes as well (just a knowledge from tea lover seniors la ^^""). Since I'm a lil stress with my life lately, maybe having the Jasmine tea date is more than enough for me (actually I want to study more about others so that won't gave the wrong knowledge ma ^^"").

Step 1: Put 5 gram of flower tea into 300 ml mug.
(I put in 300 ml teapot anyway to have tea party with myself  ^.^)

Step 2: Pour 300 ml hot water and steep it around 3 - 5 minutes.
After done this step,...
Step 3: ... be like me. Once is ready to serve, just enjoy the tea ^.^
To be honest, having original taste of Jasmine tea really not bad for me as the aroma of the Jasmine really do made me feel better from the stress. Do lovelies and foodies have flower tea date before?

Do share with me your flower tea date stories and suggestions on how to made a better tea taste other than adding sugar or honey at comment box below. Do drop me a mail to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com as for any collaborations or personal chat yo. Stay tuned with me and hope you guys healthy always. Foodilicious ^.^v

Bonus: After a day had my flower tea date, another surprise for me just right after awake from my dreamland.
Hope to be better in blogging life journey since life is a story. ^.^
For more information of the flower tea, do check out at Hi-Tea page below. Hope you guys enjoy their teas as they do have many choices for you especially for ladies. Hi-Tea do promotes Slimming Tea, Beauty Tea and much more yo. Click click to know more ^.^

Website => http://hi-tea-boutique.com/

Facebook => https://www.facebook.com/Hi.Tea.Boutique.Malaysia/?fref=ts

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