[Food Review] Daebak Korean Nitrogen Snack date~ ^ 3 ^v

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Hey hey lovelies and foodies. Hope you guys are doing great in the month of June (it's like so fast to be in the mid of the year 2016 0.0''). Anyway, today's sharing is about sweet snacks and hope will made your day sweet. ^.^

I wonder do you guys heard or know about Korean nitrogen snack before? I do watch a video clip about this awesome snack and do hope to have a chance to try, but obviously it's for me to go Korea ^^''. However, maybe June it's my lucky month (though my mobile phone half  dead on the beginning of the month =3='') as my cousin sister do tell me that there are a food truck selling Korean Nitrogen Snacks near our place. ^.^

Korean Nitrogen Snack time.. ^.^
Well, the food truck just located near Sitiawan The Store shopping mall where they just sell the snacks for 2 days, 5th of June and 6th of June, from 5 p.m. till snacks of out of stock. Why they just sell for 2 days? Well, for my personal opinion, their action it's like letting us know that there will be a restaurant or shop at KL area soon yo (just guessing la since they have a Facebook fanpage ^^"").

Daebak is the stall name (I guess.. ^.^^"")
The preparation style...
The serving style...
.. and having it style.. ^.^
Yay.. come to mama ^.^ *excited*
For me, the snack do look not bad. How do it taste like? For my personal opinion, they do taste awesome as it's quite special, but they might need more improvement in portion? ^^''' It's a lil hard for me to give much opinion and maybe it's time for me to plan for this original nitrogen snack hunt from Korea? Do you guys try before about this snack? If you do, do share with me at comment box below about your nitrogen snack story as it really do made me wanna know more about this snacks.

For any queries, collaboration or even personal chat, just drop me a mail to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com yo. Hope to have more fun dates and do stay tune with me yo. Have a beautiful day and Foodilicious ^.^v

For more info about Daebak, click here => https://www.facebook.com/DaebakKoreafood/timeline

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