[Discussion] Should I be here, there or everywhere? >.<''

10:16 PM

Hey hey foodies and lovelies. Hope you guys are doing well as July is just around the corner. ^^

Since most of the time I share stories about Food, new journey in Lifestyle, Beauty, Travel and etc, why not we have some discussion like personal chat??? (ceh wah... sounds like very serious oh.. ^^"")

The title of today's discussion is: 

Between a Job that you love and a Job that you don't even know,
which will you choose / do?

I know it's very personal discussion, just.... I need some advise and knowledge from you guys about career decision making. I do read and survey few articles about Blogging journey, how to earn money from blogging and much more. Why do I study about this article? Due to my last year's accident story, is way too hard for me to continue my dream job (which I chase this job for 3 years before the confirm employment), back to my Broadcast Media life (where I can't travel and stay active like last time) and I'm a lil lost in my Dancing life (I'm a celebrity's dance instructor before this nightmare begins). I know it's about fate and when there's a way being blocked. there's a better way coming up. 

I don't even really remember how to write Japanese
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I'm lucky enough that there's a lot of job out there that giving me a lot of benefits if I'm with them, but most of the Job is not my cup of tea (I should not be very choosey, right? ^^""). I do understand that I can succeed in Blogging journey no matter how hard it is, as long as I put 101% of effort and time, there is no issue. I do even know that living in our dream life, happy life is confirm there, BUT... can I survive? I still need stable income to clear my education debt and etc. Should I take up that Job (that is not my cup of tea job) to survive so that I can have better future?

Hope to get advise and some ideas from you guys about this as I'm still new in this industry. What is a Must, Mustn't, Do's and Don'ts that I should think before I made a choice. Really sorry if you guys don't really understand what I'm talking about as I just main tulis saje since my head is really pain of making decision. Thanks in advance if lovelies and foodies do give me some comments, advise or ideas as it's an opportunity for me to look further.

Hope to get back my life that can be better me. Foodilicious ^.^

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