[Food Review] Ipoh Petit Mary Patisserie sweet date~ ^3^

9:26 PM

Hey hey foodies and lovelies. Since I've been MIA (Missing in Action) for sometimes again, yup... back to story telling again. ^.^

It's a surprise for me that Mr Chooi pay a visit at my home last weekend. Since it's Sunday, having a casual sweet date it's more than enough for me. While busy chatting about our personal + work life, suddenly Mr Chooi says, "Yup, let's tryout here!" 0.0 What?!? We are at Ipoh just for a sweet chat? 0///0

0.0 Looks cute. But where is this place? 0.0
It's my very first time to know that Ipoh have this such cute dessert shop where they made me feel I'm at KL Tiny Temptress Artisan Patisserie. This place really do made me feel surprised and wanted to check out more since I know it's time for me to update my bloggie ^.^''

Let's go in.. ^3^ *excited*
Cakey? I think I know what to eat *mouth watering* :3
Gift section also available here 0.0
Since it's quite full house down stairs, maybe upstairs?
(just lucky to have a seat even it's a lil full house too)
Although they have limited food to have food dates, but for my personal point of view, this place its an awesome place for lovelies that love to have gathering, reunion or girls date here. ^.^

Soft bread to have a bite do made me feel lovely ^.^
Big Breakfast with Tea
RM 18
(Taste awesome and satisfied if have it as our breakfast meal ^3^)
Berry Berry
RM 13.50
(It's hard for me to describe the taste, but it's sweet and tangy with strawberry taste)
Rainbow Cake
RM 12
(Since I'm craving for cakey date, this multi-colored moist sponge cake just made my day sweet ^3^) 
I do thought it's Iced Lemon Tea at first, but I'm wrong. It's Iced Apple Tea where Apple me drinking apple juice
RM 7.90

This casual sweet date really do made my day. Ratings? Well, for my personal review,

Environment => 8/10 
(as the design it's too cute to have a date here)

Foods            => 7/10 
(as the food are tasty and the desserts are sweet. It will be best if have more food varieties)

Service          => 6/10 
(as the service is good, but can be better ^.^'')

Well, it's all I can say about this cute place for sweet date. How about you guys? Do share with me any sweet place to check out at comment box below and do drop me a mail to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com for any queries, collaborations or even personal chat yo. ^.^

Hope to have more food dates soon as I want my life to be sweet. Till the next sharing, thank you for visit and Foodilicious ^.^v

Petit Mary Patisserie
No 83, Jalan Langsat,
Taman Teh Teng Seng,
31400 Ipoh, Perak.

05 - 547 1328

Facebook = > Petit Mary Patisserie 

Bonus: Thanks to Mr Chooi for making my life so sweet ^3^ 

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  1. I like the mascot! Super adorable...as for the food I shall try it out when I make my pitstop in Ipoh next time...

  2. I love the rainbow cake! It's so cute and adorable :)

  3. Although I live in Ipoh, I have never been to Petit Mary Patisserie yet. All my friends have already. HAHAHA...the place no longer needs to be introduced, anyway.

  4. So cute!!! I love the rainbow cake and the drawings too.

  5. Such a lovely cafe! Would love to take a visit there if I'm going to Ipoh!

  6. How is the taste of the Rainbow Cake? Look so yummy! Nice cafe to visit when go Ipoh! :D

  7. Aww this place look so adorable. Good to know there are so many places to eat in Ipoh

  8. I know about this cafe through Facebook last time, great concept but the prices I think I can find more affordable in KL.

  9. the place looks so cute and pretty!!I love rainbow cake!!

  10. Love this cafe =D I love the girl drawing too! Rainbow Cake looks so pretty <3

  11. This place look so sweet! The cakes look so lovely!

  12. Nice cafe for me to give it a try. Will check this out at my next trip to Ipoh.

  13. the big breakfast looks good. taken with tea, wow, best!

  14. Great food and great presentation! I loved that butterfly...almost looks real.

  15. I used to come here before, amazing decoration, its remind me to levigne at Bukit Bintang, so many choices of bread and cake. hehehe

  16. can feel it's a nice place to hangout !! like to cutie gal icon. so adorable .

  17. Such a gorgeous place where even the food is pretty.... how nice.. want to go there if am in Ipoh

  18. I saw the decoration so cute and it make me want to visit the cafe. The breakfast look nice.

  19. Petit Mary Patisserie looks so nice! Would pin it in my next Ipoh trip

  20. Saving this place for my next visit if i go to ipoh one day hehe... Thanks for sharing!

  21. i love the rainbow cake!!! the colours look more to pastels which is very nice!!

  22. hey the rainbow cake new types look so pastel, looks so delicious for me


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