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Holla lovelies and foodies! It's me again for story telling since I know that I've MIA for quite sometime ^^'''' Anyway, today's story is about pizzas date and I'm sure you guys will hop and grab a bite after reading this ^.^

Before the day for Tokyo Secret  date, I do have an awesome pizza date in USJ area. Thanks to Food Ink for giving me this awesome pizza date that is unforgettable. Introducing to you USJ U Pizzeria for awesome pizza date. ^3^

With good experience in F&B industry, U Pizzeria only serves fresh and awesome quality pizza to us. The word of "U" is to signifies "Good" in Chinese saying. This restaurant do give us some home feeling (my personal feeling la ^^'') as is a good spot for family and friends dining for catch up moment. How about the food? Their food is 101% awesome (for me la ^^'') as they are strictly in using the fresh ingredients for toppings. Imported extra virgin olive oil, cheese and even imported equipment from Italy is being used for baking that resulting the pizza is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside pizza consistently.

Since I'm an hour late for this review session, all photos that I share is really a quick shot and I'm so sorry for such kiddy shots ^^''' So, yeah... food sharing time ^.^v
U Mexicana
(it's beefy, jalapeno  and meatball pizza that will made your day yo ^.^)
i) Personal pizza (6'') - RM 16
ii) Regular pizza (9'') - RM 35
iii) Large pizza (12'') - RM 47
U Seafood Bonanza
(is a seafood pizza and do taste you are eating fresh seafood cuisine yo)
i) Personal pizza (6'') - RM 16
ii) Regular pizza (9'') - RM 35
iii) Large pizza (12'') - RM 47

Sambal Api
(yup.. just based on name is a surprise. It do taste like Nasi Lemak's sambal yo *tasty*)
i) Personal pizza (6'') - RM 11.90
ii) Regular pizza (9'') - RM 26.90
iii) Large pizza (12'') - RM 35.90

U Durian Delight
(I was like 0.0!!! SERIOUSLY? DURIAN pizza?? Oh my goodness!! It do taste awesome as its with fresh Musang King durian flesh on it yo. Is a must pizza for durian lover like me ^.^)
i) Personal pizza (6'') - RM 16
ii) Regular pizza (9'') - RM 35
iii) Large pizza (12'') - RM 47

Meat Delight
(it's a lil hard for me to explain as I'm a lil busy having my meaty date ^^'')
i) Personal pizza (6'') - RM 11.90
ii) Regular pizza (9'') - RM 26.90
iii) Large pizza (12'') - RM 35.90

Dining with other Food Inkers and...
... it's time to know U pizzeria more detailed with the person in charge.
For me is a total surprise to have a pizza date here as I do have very localized pizza date here (especially when I'm with Durian Pizza date <3). So, what are my ratings?

Foods = > 8/10
(as their pizza do taste awesome and surprise me with their specialty)

Service => 7/10
(as the person in charge do explain to us in manner and a smiling on the face. Sam goes with the crews)

Interior => 7/10 
(as it do have a lil home-feeling with simple decor. Anyway, there's more is coming soon)

For my vegan friends, don't worry about unable to enjoy U Pizzeria date as they do serve Vegetarian Pizza. U Pizzeria do have delivery service as well yo (of cause T&C applies la ^^'') So yeah... this pizza date really do made my day as I do meet up a long lost friend as well. Since it's been a long time, will have more catch up soon as the world is so small.

Anyway, how about lovelies and foodies story about this pizza date? Do share with me you stories at comment box below and for any collaborations, queries or even personal chat, do drop me a mail at queenbiifoodie@gmail.com yo. Wish you all stay awesome and Foodilicious ^.^v

No 23, Jalan USJ 21/11,
Subang Jaya,
47630 Selangor.

Business hour:
Mon - Sun   :   11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Contact no:
03 - 8011 8888

Facebook => U Pizzeria 

Bonus: Food Ink CEO, Gary, is having his awesome pizza date which attracts my attention to snap this photo ^.^v
(don't mad at me ya Gary ^^""")

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