Marina Island Frenzy Water Park date~ ^.^v

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Hey hey lovelies and foodies. How was your day going as we are at the month of July ^.^ Really so sorry for not keeping my word on updating my blog often as after my last post of Discussion issue >.<''''. Well, all I can say is that thank you for giving me a lot of motivational advise and really do give me the answer what I should do to be better me ^.^Thank you so much ^.^

While struggling of my final decision, why not have some fun to find back the old me? As I remember, sport industry is not an issue for me as I do play netball and basketball during my high school. Of cause, it's a lil hard for me now as I don't even have much energy to jog and carry up myself ^^"""

At Lumut Perak here, there's a quite tiring but exciting fun water park. If you guys do watch a game show named US Wipeout or US American Ninja Warrior (if not mistaken ^^'''), Frenzy Water Park do give you the similar awesome game experience yo. Why awesome? It's because it's not a land game, but it's a SEA game (We must wear life jacket even though you know how to swim. This is why I'm tired after 2 hours of the game =.=).

Layout of the game
Photo credits to: Marina Island Facebook page
This is the layout of the game area and it's not all yo cause they do say there's more (just still under construction). Because of last minute decision, I didn't bring any of my belongings including my GoPro to let you guys have the idea what I'm trying to explain the excitement. I do fail and keep drop into the sea while taking up the challenge as I have a lil issue to manage my balancing.

Game time is now!

The game is getting challenging and exciting yo ^.^

And it's not a joke as I'm sure kids do love it as well.\
Photo credits to: Frenzy Water Park website

I'm sure and understand you guys will be worry and concerns about kids not suitable to play this other than they are a lil scare. I do agree as most of my young cousins (9 years old is the youngest) do very scare to play at first. But after the first time, they keep bugging my aunt to bring them for second round as they love the game so much (kids are very active than adults is all I can say /.\''')

So yeah, what is my review of this game zone? Well, though its very tiring game, but have some fun with family, why not? Really should give a try here as I'm sure you guys will have a lot of fun with friends, family and yourself as you can build your stamina better (this is a natural gym area to build up your muscles ^.^).

Those photos are not from me, its from Marina Island Facebook page and Frenzy Water Park website. I will share more photos about this game area as I'll be back for get myself better in sport industry. Stay tuned with me and Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends. Maaf zahir dan batin for any mistakes that I have done and hurt your feelings. ^.^

Till next update and Foodilicious ^.^v

Information is here

Thanks for Marina Island and Frenzy Water Park for the fun ^.^

Some bonus pictures maybe? (Hope you guys don't mind of kiddy kind photography skill ^^'')

All of my younger cousins very excited to play the game ^^''
Let me have a syok sendiri picture first as memory before start the game. ^.^

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