Let's #bersatuTENAGA to join such meaningful campaign ^3^v

2:13 AM

Hey hey lovelies and foodies. Ya.. it's me updating my blog at this late night since I know.... I shouldn't keep MIA (missing in action) that often ^^'''

Since this would be my first post of the month after I've been missing for quite some time, let me share with you all about a social driven campaign, #bersatuTENAGA by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) that encourage all Malaysians to join.

Errr... you don't really know or understand what is it? Have no idea what is it about? It's okay.. let me story telling about this campaign with Foodilicious ^.^v

Since Malaysia Day is just around corner, TNB do hope Malaysians join this #bersatuTENAGA campaign by uploading a simple video recording of our creativity performance according to lyrics / song provided by them. Though the song is not fully composed, this may explain why they need our short and simple video recording so that they can accomplish their song.

Is it true? Who is joining this campaign? Well... there are 3 local artists joining this campaign for now and they are Faizal Tahir, Jaclyn Victor and Elizabeth Tan. Still unbelievable? Check out their video then. ^^

Faizal Tahir

Jaclyn Victor

Elizabeth Tan

Why need to join? I'm not really sure but for my personal opinion, guess is for fun and to know that we as Malaysians are unity enough to help Faizal Tahir and other artists to accomplish their song.

How to help or What to do to join this #bersatuTENAGA campaign? It's easy with these steps:

Step 1: Made 1 minute video recording of you with your creativity performance no matter in singing / dancing / lip syncing / or any freestyle creativity idea of this song

Step 2: Upload this 1 minute video to your Instagram (make sure is public post) and do hashtag #bersatuTENAGA 

And that's how you join this campaign. Easy right? Other than helping Faizal Tahir to accomplish his song, let us join to tone up this #bersatuTENAGA campaign together.

Do click at the links below for more information:

TNB Facebook Page => TNB Careline

Campaign Details     => https://www.facebook.com/notes/tnb-careline/bersatutenaga-a-song-that-wont-sound-right-without-your-voice/1411108805569441

I do join this campaign by doing some actions of the song (can be say as dancing?? ^^'''). Do forgive me with my apperance as I just back from my friend's cosplay theme wedding ^^''' Hope you guys enjoy and share with me about your story at my comment box below. For collaboration, reviews, suggestions or even critics, do drop me a mail to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com to be better me. Hope you guys join this #bersatuTENAGA campaign with me and Foodilicious ^.^v

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  1. Great campaign to involve everyone to sing.!

  2. Ur singing quite good! Mine one so bad T______T

  3. This gonna be a great song for malaysia day....

  4. Your dress looks so nice ! creative ways to express the song !

  5. The song is very nice. And you have a nice voice too :D

  6. What a great video. And it is funny that you were wearing cosplay costume.

  7. Why you cute one in the video XD! See so many people share and post about this campaign!

  8. You can sing so well! Such an meaningful event to spread out patriotism.

  9. So cute your costume and you seem enjoy dancing. Nice.

  10. Nice video. Would be better if you lip sync too.

  11. cute. you joined too! good luck!

  12. Wow~ You also joined? Good luck for you.

  13. great celebration for Malaysia Day! i hope to see more people joining this meaningful event

  14. Such a great campaign, wishing everyone here Happy Malaysia Day :)

  15. wah... good luck! thinking to joing too, but still thinking what I want to do... anyway, happy malaysia day!


  16. This is a nice campaign should have join this campaign but i dont get invited... good luck !

  17. so cute costume you wearing.
    nice saw many doing this campaign.

  18. So many talented singers. And to see you sing is sooo cuteee!

  19. I also join under my mom's video. So fun and I like the song.


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