[Food Review] Having D'Food Caravanz, Sungei Wang Plaza date~ ^.^v

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Hey hey foodies and lovelies. Hope you guys are doing great as life is just beautiful when you being positive. Since I do talk about products, services, and news sharing lately, how about back to my main story telling that related with FOODS?? xD

Here we are. At Level 3, for...
... food truck concept...
... D'Food Caravanz food date that located at Sungei Wang Plaza ^.^v

Well, I need to thank OpenRice Malaysia first of all for giving me such golden opportunity to have yummilicious moment at D'Food Caravanz, Sungei Wang Plaza. Why yummilicious? For my personal point of view, due to it's a food truck trend lately, why not having in-shopping-mall food truck date then? Yup.. D'Food Caravanz is a food truck concept place where is happening at the 3rd floor of Sungei Wang Plaza. This place do serve economical and full of surprise foods as there are 7 food stalls that serve different types of cuisine such as Arabian, Japanese, Thai, local and much more.

Stall #1 : Little Thai Corner
(serves Thai cuisine such as Tom Yum)

Stall #2: DM Port

(serves local Malay cuisine such as Nasi Lemak)

Stall #3: Gabiatte

(serves Japanese cuisine such as Takoyaki)

Stall #4: Dijla Chef Ahmad
(serves Arabian cuisine such as Iraqi Kebab)

Stall #5: Mat Rock Special

(serves local cuisine such as Ayam Goreng Kunyit)

Stall #6: SS2 Goreng Pisang
(serves local snacks such as Pisang Goreng)

Stall #7: Boss Potato Corner

(serves local economical dish)
Actually I was thinking to tryout Stall #3 (Japanese cuisine) at first where I was craving for Takoyaki date that moment. But too bad... it was closed where I need to say bye bye to my Takoyaki (TT.TT). Well, what can I do? After surveying around, Stall #4 seems not bad as they do serve salad that I was craving to have that day as well. So, yeah.. why not give a try? At first was thinking to have Arabian Salad (RM 4) and Arabian Yogurt  (RM 6) to try out. But due to the yogurt is out of stock, the chef recommend this to me and Mr Chooi. Maybe pictures shows louder than words? ^.^

Arabic Salad
RM 4

It was served with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lemon and special salad sauce + vinegar. Is a tangy appetizer where it do made you to have more food dates after having this salad

Dijla Fish Fillet
RM 13

Was  served with Mandy rice that other than is colorful, is a tasty fusion that eat with their yummy crunchy fillet even if you left it for some time

Shish-Taouk with Mandy rice
RM 10

Served with special marinated chicken where it do let us know Arabian home recipe taste. This is the most recommended dish if you want to know how pure is Arabian  food taste like.

To be honest, the food is really economical where you have no worries about the price where it cost below RM 10 (most of the dish and same goes to other stalls). Is really filling where me and Mr Chooi have no choice but to 'dabao' (take away) our leftovers as the portion is very big (but the PIC says is normal portion from them 0.0). So yeah.. this is my rate for this:

Foods => 8/10
(other than is affordable and yummy, is a must try food is all I can say)

Service => 8/10
(they do explain what we are having when we ask what's this and that on our plate)

Environment => 7/10
(it was still okay when I visited here during weekend. But just can't imagine during lunch hour on weekdays 0.0)

So this is my story about Stall #4 of the D'Food Caravanz, Sungei Wang Plaza. Will visit here again cause will have more economical food dates ^@^. What do lovelies and foodies think about this? Have you try here before? If yes, do drop comments below to share with me what should I tryout here. For any collaborations, invites or even personal chat, just drop a mail to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com yo. Hope to have more food dates and wish you all having beautiful day as life is Foodilicious ^.^

3rd Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Cost of the meal:
Mostly below RM 10

Website => http://sungeiwang.com/

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