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Hey hey lovelies and foodies. Wish you guys have a sweet day ahead as jingle jingle bells season is just around the corner. Ya.. in case you are too busy with work life, Christmas of the year 2016 is just left 1 month+ ler (which means I'm getting older lo.. 0.0)

Is normal if we have wishes and hope it really came true as who doesn't want their wish come true (even want to have a food date is also a wish ler <= for me la xD). Since I want to get back the old me after my accident story, I do have a special wish. I wish to have a visit to Pavillion KL at least for few minutes before I back to my busy write ups life.

.................... *speechless* ....................

Ehh... wait. I want to visit  Pavillion KL doesn't mean for shopping dates or never been to Pavillion KL la. I want go Pavillion KL to make my wish in Spritzer Sparkling Wishing Globe that is just located at the entrance of Pavillion KL. Yes!! Make a wish in the wishing globe is what I want  <3

Is the Spritzer Sparkling Wishing Globe <3

Really need to make a wish in there <3

Presents to you the Wishing Globe by Spritzer Sparkling where you can have a sweet place to make your wish. But I'm sure some of you might think,

"Ceh.. only making wish in the Wishing Globe wor. Nothing special also." 

Of cause other than make a wish, photo moment is a must la (since is a normal trend ma xD). What if I tell you that you can also join Spritzer Sparkling photo contest to win shopping vouchers? I'm serious and it's true. Spritzer Sparkling is having this photo contest by just follow this few simple steps:

[ 1 ] Take a photo when you are wishing in the Wishing Globe

[ 2 ] Like Spritzer Facebook page before photo uploading

[ 3 ] Upload your photo at Facebook and tag #SparklingXmas 
* Reminder: Must be a 'Public' photo posting o

[ 4 ] Once done step 1-3, just sit back and wait for the result

** PS: Click click here to know the Terms and Condition o https://goo.gl/Dje04I **

Easy to join right? There will be 10 lucky winners that selected EVERY WEEK (seriously.. is every week o) base on the 'Creativity' and 'Likes' for this photo contest. And tadah... don't say I didn't share with you guys about this easy and fun-going photo contest with Spritzer Sparkling yo.

So wait no more. Let's join and who knows, you are lucky enough to win shopping vouchers to have shopping date? Lovelies and foodies do share with me ya if you guys are joining this contest at my comment box below. For any events, reviews and collaboration, do drop a mail to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com ya. Before I say bye bye, Spritzer Sparkling would love to wish you all Merry Christmas and may your wish come true.

Website: Spritzer Facebook page

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