[Wishing Time] This is my wish. What's yours? ^.^

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Halo lovelies and foodies. Just have a personal story to share where I need some mentally support that what I'm thinking now is right ^.^

Since is a countdown period for Christmas, I keep asking myself and wonder... what is my wish for this year? 0.0 Back to my productive life? Get back my dream job? Or just get back everything that I've lost? While I'm thinking hard about this, I was being questioned "What inspires me after my story?". Looks like I know what is my wish for this year and coming years as LOVE is the thing inspires me <3

Love love love lovey dovey <3

When I'm so call successful after my college life where I get my dream work life, everything is just so beautiful cause those are my dreams where came true. But after my tragic accident story happen last year, I finally understand the meaning of "Love is Expensive" quote.

Though I'm unconscious during knowing what happen to me, I do remember clearly about my family and friend's expression, care and love towards me when and after the accident story begins. Mr Chooi and my cousins do tell me stories on how hard to communicate with me when I was conscious from trauma a week later as I keep changing language when we are talking and I do have some kiddy attitude (No worries, is normal as it's cased by overdose anesthetic ^.^'').

My very first family trip to Pangkor after discharge from hospital
(but Chef Mama Janet is not with us cause need to take care house cooking business >.<)

Since refresh and remember this memory, my wish for this year's Christmas is to have a sweet and warm date with my family and friends as last year's "surprise" is too  much for them ^.^''' I would like to have some sweet dating with friends and warm date with family especially Chef Mama Janet. Why? This is because I was being told by Mr Chooi that I keep bully Chef Mama Janet by crying, sulking and much more (where is so not my attitude that moment 0///0). No matter how hard am I to be care, Chef Mama Janet did not leave me alone even she is tired and how unhappy she is deep inside.

She is a chef and my mama, Chef Mama Janet <3

Due to Chef Mama Janet support most of the time, why not give some personalized present to her since Mr Chooi's expression on previous sharing do made me feel is a right thing to do for Chef Mama Janet. Thinking to give Chef Mama Janet a personalized pillow and a mug due to she spend a lot of her time standing and running around when I was admitted in hospital, she do have some medical issue now where she's facing Osteoarthritis of the knee. Pillow is for her to hug when she's having a rest and Mug is for her to relax and calm date with herself.


Ppssstttt... If you are running out of idea for Christmas gift, really should have a visit here => Gift for Him and/or Gift for Her as it do make your life easier to get the perfect gifts for your family and  friends ^.^

Pillow for Queen of my heart maybe?

Mug for Chef Mama Janet as she is the Mrs (Always) Right for me <3

So this is my wish for this year's Christmas. Having sweet dates with my love ones and hope my blogging life is getting better as I do believe putting efforts do pay off ^.^ What's your wish lovelies and foodies? Do share with me your stories at comment box below or mail me at queenbiifoodie@gmail.com for long chats, invitation, review, collaborations and etc yo ^.^

Till next sharing and I will remember such memorable feeling of LOVE from friends and families. Buhbye lovelies and foodies ^.^

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