Lovely day from home~

11:24 PM

Hi hi lovelies,just a little sharing I had today.

Today my aunt keep calling my mom to bring me out to eat cause I can do sharing in blog ^^'' . Well,all my mom did is just cook an instant abalone noodle for me to eat (my family want me get fat also).

When I was young, my mom keep cooking the tastiest dish for me and younger brother to eat. Both of us feel wanna hide when my mom heard someone say both of us very skinny. Other than cooking, my mom will bring two of us to eat more at restaurants (so that we can get fat).

I get to know more about my mom nowadays. My cousin and Mr Chooi do told me that my mom is strong enough when I met the accident. My mom take care of me for 101%. She never leave me alone during I was admitted to hospital and even till now. My mom keep on thinking ways to help me no matter what it takes.

All I can say is I am lucky enough. Thank you mom and all my family members that love me so much even though I am facing the hardest time in my life. Lovelies also need to love the people that care and love you guys because they are the one who makes you becomes you today.

Till my next sharing with you all lovelies (hope it's not too boring). Do drop me comments or email me to (for chatting also welcome).

See you guys soon and Foodilicious.

Abalone instant noodle that cook by mummy... delicious, but it's too much for me currently (but I eat all la cause food wasting is a no no)

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