Love from everywhere~

1:09 PM

Happy weekend and have a great day from you guys foodies. ^.^

Today's story is just a small sharing. When I was young, I know love is everywhere no matter is from earth,sea,sky or whatever, love is just by your side most of the time. After the bad day for me, I finally know and understand what does love form home means to me.

I'm 22 years old this year, except I was being taking care by my mom and the elders, even my younger cousins also gave much care to me. The youngest cousin I have is 7 years old and the eldest cousin I have is the 21 years old (still younger than me ^^''). Today is a family cooking day. My youngest cousin cook rice yet the eldest cook dishes including soup of the day. I have another cousin, 15 years old, will be the assistant and do cleaning after having meal. I am just a happy kid. ^@^

Well, I believe love is everywhere, how about you lovelies? Hope to share more about foods and love with you all soon. Have a great day and Foodilicious.

Dishes that prepare by my young cousins. Simple yet awesome.

"We are ready to eat".

Second cousin, youngest and the eldest cousin are the cook of the day.

"Sis,ahhh... open mouth! Sis must eat more fruits so that your body can be healthier" says Anabelle.

Bonus: Love is everywhere. Even Coffee gives the best evidence. (For your info, Coffee is the name of the dog)

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