CNY Countdown!!! ^.^v

3:38 PM

*checking list*
CNY facial --- Checked!
CNY clothes --- Checked!
CNY cookies --- Checked!
CNY haircut --- Hmm... still not yet done... =3=

Hey hey lovelies and foodies. Guess you all are well prepared for the CNY as it's just left few hours to the big day... xD *excited mode onz*

Today's blog just want to wish you all have a prosperous year and do get more angpao for food dating in future yo xD. There are too many things wanna say but most importantly wish lovelies and foodies have a blast yo. ^.^

I do realized that I seldom back hometown for more than a week to celebrate new year before my story begins. Well, maybe it's time for me to enjoy and feel the real happiness since I'm still under recovery process. Spend more time with family is the most awesome thing to be done.

I do feel a lil sad as well for last few days as my company told me that they have final decision about my employment. Yup... its a full stop for my dream job. No worries, I will just find my own way since I'm busy with my new plan anyway. Maybe is a hint for me to be better me starting from now (positive always.. ^.^).

I will just accept all of the happiness or unhappy memories with me as life is like a piano. With the unhappy black keys, the melody is just awesome ^.^ (If you guys understand what I mean ^^'). Hope you all have a beautiful day, Happy Chinese New Year and Foodilicious. ^.^v

Nom nom nom time.. ^.^
Dish of the day.. All are homemade  by my mom and granny,, ^.^
Limited edition from home. ^.^
Males table on the left...
... and females on the right. ^^
My step father is fisherman. So.. yeah... he love me so much. ^.^ Thank you dad...
Left or right? xD
Let's have a game first before tomorrow arrive. xD
Thank you so much sis for this present. Really hard to play games with this poker as too much memories for me. ;3

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