CNY day 9 supper party~ xD

1:15 PM

Hey hey foodies and lovelies. Hope you guys have a beautiful day as now is still CNY season. ^.^

Today I just wanted to share with you guys a story of supper party that held by my family on 16th February midnight ^^"". In other words, actually it's a day for Chinese to pray for a better life in future on CNY day 9.

After praying, eating ceremony started as usual ^3^. Can you guys imagine eating fish, meats and fruits on the middle of the night? For me, this make me remember my college life activity (eat supper at midnight and bedtime just after eating... ^^""").

Anyway, it's just the real me xD. How about you guys? Do share with me about your stories to so that I know that I'm not the only one doing this ^^"". Have a good day and Foodilicious ^.^ *cheers*

PS: I think I am good girl enough as all of my wish come true especially in career. I will keep chasing the best for the last as I know nothing is easy. ^.^ 

This is the summary of the party~
Fishy, Chicken, Prawns,...
...crabbies and some kuih & pulut.
2nd Yee Sang for me.. ^.^
AAARRRR..... looks yummy though is simple... 
Nom nom nom... FOODILICIOUS! ^.^

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