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9:05 PM

Hey hey lovelies and foodies. Hope you all having a beautiful day as today is the beginning of February (Chinese New Year countdown... ^.^ *excited mode on*).

Today's story is about a sweet date with a "long-lost" friend. Eunice really do care about me even though we are far apart. Many things really hard to explain but enjoy the moment really do made my day :3 .

Just a small piece of my mind, although The Farm Café is still a fresh cafe from my hometown, they do serve simple yet awesome dish. The environment is calm and wonderful for me as Eunice is busy chatting with me most of the time about her life in Taiwan. This cafe is cozy enough as I can have deep thought and brainstorming process since I have many things need to be done ^^'''.

I do have beautiful day as this cafe do teach me the meaning of simple is better :3. I really feel thankful to Eunice as she gave me a lot of inspiration and I think I know what should I do with my thing. Will tell you guys what am I chasing for and hope you guys can support me as well in future. Please stay tune yo.

Really do feel my life is beautiful as I have many supports from the people that is better than me nowadays (hope you guys know that I'm saying about you ^.^). I will be better me and thanks Eunice for today's date. Do drop me a mail to for any comments, suggestions, advise or a mail just to have a chat xD. Hope everything can be smoother and Foodilicious. :3

PS: Eunice really do look alike one of my KL friend with her new haircut... ^.^'' and do forgive me as the photos do look a lil blur and not in good angle (because most of it are last minute captured photos ^^'''')

No. 1, Jalan Lumut,
Taman Sitiawan Maju,
32000 Sitiawan, Perak.

Business Hours:
Wed - Sat : 12.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.
Sun           : 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Contact no:
012 - 536 4828 / 010 - 231 3842


Facebook - thefarmcafe1
Instagram - @thefarmcafe1

The Farm Café introduction... ^.^
Back to home feeling is here.
If full house, you won't able to get this shot. ^^''
Order here please..
Most of the customers are here to have a great time with their buddies.
Cakey anyone? :3
Just a sample of their menu... quite simple but I love it... xD
Eunice is happy as she is sharing her Taiwan story with me. 
Mushroom cheese pizza and...
.... croissant? Haha... she is just too hungry.. ^^'''
Dessert time... brownie for Eunice...
... and Affagato for me. Sweet... xD

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