Seoul Good Korean Restaurant date~ ^.^

2:51 PM

Hey hey foodies and lovelies. Hope you guys doing well since nothing comes easy as long as we stay positive. ^.^

Today's blog just wanna tell you guys why I wanna have a Korean restaurant date so sudden. Let the story begins (hope this doesn't make you guys bored ^^")....

I had my first job interview during the day before the food date begins (first interview ever as I'm still in recovery process). Had a casual and awesome chat with the manager, but the question is.... should I do this? Well, all I can say is she gave me a lot of advice and tips to carry on my life even if there is so many things blocking my way. Thank you so much. ^.^

Hope you guys doesn't mind the story as you guys can just take it as I'm mumbling to myself. ^^""

Well, the real food date story begins. Seoul Good Korean Restaurant was the first Korean restaurant ever in Sitiawan. This resto is awesome as the service is good and the environment is just nice for group dining. You guys also can wear their hanbok (Korean costume) to selfie before eating begins.

I can eat a lot now as the old me is back (though is not all la ^^''). I can't eat too much last month as I have ulcers during my last visit here. BUT... now is the party time. ^.^ *syok sendiri mode onz* 

Hope to have more food-date and holiday (if possible) as March is just around the corner ^.^ Do give me any comments or suggestions to about WHAT can I do / WHAT to do / WHERE to play and etc. Have a great day and Foodilicious. ^.^v

Seoul Good Korean Restaurant
30, Taman Sitiawan Maju 2,
Jalan Lumut,
32000 Sitiawan,

Business Hours:
Monday - Saturday : 12 p.m - 10 p.m
Sunday                    : Closed

014 - 338 0308

Facebook - Seoul Good Korean Restaurant (

Non-halal as they do serve porky ^^''

Let us take a picture first before eating-party start. xD
Environment is really not bad yo (so lucky to get this shot as we are the first customer xD)
=0= my holy mama!?!
Though it seems like not much, but is really a satisfying portion.
Mr Chooi's favorite : Kimchi Ramen
They do provide awesome service yo if you are busy eating ^^''
Enoki, chicken, porky, porky and more porky.. xD
He : Sauce, meat, kimchi... and what else huh?
Me : Up to you ba. ^.^
Me : *open mouth* arrr....
He : You want o? *munching*
Me : =3= I thought you were asking me just now... 
Yummy yummy... :3
After 3 hours, finally done... *happy and satisfied* ^.^
Bonus: Yesterday's CNY party at my granny's Buddha club. 

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