[D.I.Y. Recipe] Bacon Egg Bread Cups date~ ^3^

11:14 PM

Hey hey lovelies and  foodies. Yup... I'm back to do D.I.Y. sharing (again) though it's a lil late night ^^"" No worries, today's sharing is related with recipe instead of arts (will try to balance my sharing anyway ^^"").

Thanks to Food Ink for giving me this foodilicious recipe idea (which I do stalk for quite some time ^//^'''). Though it's not that hard, but it do test my cooking skill which I'm not that good other than eating skills ^^"". Bacon Egg Bread Cups do attract my attention as other than ingredients are easy to prepare, it do taste yummy without any special taste serving (if you guys understand what I'm trying to say la ^^""). For more info, do >>CLICK HERE<< for video tutorial by Food  Ink ^.^v

All we need are Eggs, Bread and Bacon
(Actually we just need to prepare the amount of ingredients that depends on how tasty you want it to be.. Anyway, it's my point of view la ^^"")
Step 1: Fry the bacon before the real show begins
(Try not to fry the bacon till turns a lil brown as you might be a lil regret after this ^^"")
Step 2: Say bye bye to the bread crust and...
Step 3: ... cut the bread like this so that easy for you to put it in cups for baking.
Step 4: Put the bread nicely at 'cup'
(So sorry for this as I just realized that my house do not have official baking oven ^^"")
Step 5: Place bacon on each cup after you pressed the bread softly
(I put 2 bacon as I just want to eat more ^//^"")
Step 6: Put an egg and it's time to...
Step 7: ... bake it for 18 - 20 mins.
(Hope you guys won't mind this oven as it's a lil old school and I do bake this recipe more than 25 mins instead of  18-20 mins >.<''')
Step 8: Mualah.. it's done after baking.
(And this is why I do advise not to fry your bacon till too cooked as it will become like this. /.\'''')
Hope you guys don't mind about my cooking as obviously my skill is really limited ^^'''. Maybe I should take cooking class in future to be better me. Hope this sharing do made your day and for any comments, advise or collaboration, just drop me a mail to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com yo. Really hope to be better in cooking and do stay tune tune at my bloggie since I have a surprise sharing about Hi-Tea o. Have a great day and Foodilicious ^3^

Bonus: Since my first try not really good, why not give a shot that double up the size? ^3^ yum yum...
(syok sendiri ^^'')

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