[REVIEW] Facts that you need to know about Tibetan Seaberry

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There are 2 stories to share with all foodies and lovelies. One is about a product sharing, where the other one is a personal secret that I would announce in few moments. Stay with me to know what personal announcement that I would be sharing ya. xD

Well, during this time being, I get to know about this organic Tibetan fruit that are rich with nutrients that can help in boosting our immune system. Let me share some facts about this Tibetan Seaberry.

This well known "holy fruit" from Tibet that was being use centuries-old medical tests in Tibet and China. This fruit was being call as Sea buckthorn or Seaberry that rich with complex omegas where it can help us in skin conditions, supports healthy tissues, promotes heart health and boosting immune system.

Introduction of Tibetan Seaberry

1. Rich of Vegan Omegas

With the highest concentration of Omega 7 that can be found in animal and plant kingdom, this one and only planted food of sea buckthorn oil provides four omega fatty acids where you can find Omega-3, 6, 7, and 9 in a fruit.

2. Careful handling

Although this Seaberry is a powerful little fruit, it is also very sensitive fruit. During the process in extracting its essence, a high attentive handling will be taken as it is tricky where the quality and nutrients of the fruit might change.

3. Benefits of consuming

Health improvement on lady shows when we consistently consume a sachet a day. Other than supporting our healthy skin condition, it do helps in improving female tissue as well.

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I know that we need to live on healthy lifestyle too and not just rely on healthy supplements to be healthy, but at least we are healthy from in and out. Do you agree with me?

To know more about this little powerful fruit, do check out their sites below to understand more.

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