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10:08 AM

Although I resigned my current job in banking, I still need to report myself till the last working day and this is why I able to update my blog anytime and anywhere (cheh wah)...
Last week I have few dinners with bosses from my team (I am lucky to have this free makan time xD Thank you boss!). We had a seafood party at Port Klang and those seafoods are really awesome as its really fresh...
Living at KL for almost 4 years but this would be my second time visit Klang for makan (eat). Let's enjoy some pictures I took during the dinner.
Restoran Perlama Seafood, No 6 Jalan Tangki, Off Jalan Kem, 42000 Port Klang.
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(ID: Apple Bii)

The hot pick porridge from this restaurant...
Fresh steam lala (clams)
Salty egg crabs anyone?
Delicious cereal shrimp mantis
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Bonus: Credits for my friend taking this picture as I'm focusing on the phone... =3=

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