Hello foodies :)

10:25 PM

A big big hello to all lovelies and foodies. :)

Queen Bii here would like to say million thanks for reading this blog. This means a lot to me as this is the third blog I'm doing and this blog is all about food (will share some personal life and travel as well). Blogging do help me to discover and love myself a lot because its not only about sharing thoughts with others, we pass our love around as well.

About this blog, I want to share my experiences working in production and event industry (my study field) as most of it related to FOODS!!! It sure is an awesome job and I do not regret working in this industry. However, I currently working in banking line as I struggle in certain period of getting jobs. 

Anyway, I resigned current job as I finally got an offer from my dream job (which I waited for about 2 years)!! That is why I set this blog up to share what is the world look like when you are surrounded by FOODS!!! xD

Tell you guys a story, last year I worked for a TV production that related to "Teh Tarik" (known as 'pulled tea') competition and need to travel around the Malaysia to do auditions and discover the local foods. It really an awesome journey and happy working there. You guys can check out the pictures I shared in my Instagram <ID: foodilishoppshop>. 

Coming up I will be working for an international gourmet festival in KL and will keep you guys update about the event and as well the food I explore. That's all for now, till next update. :)

Wait... some photos to share with you guys.

2014 MIGF Event
2013 MIGF Event

Dessert anyone?

More and more foods on the table... xD
2014 : Japanese buffet with him

2014 : Asia Food Festival at Penang

Soup of the day...
...dessert of the day.

...main dish of the day...
I admit I have a sweet tooth

Hope you guys enjoy... happy eating xD

Foodilicious <3


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