Cameron Highlands tea party

1:20 AM

Hey hey lovelies and foodies. Now is 12.50 a.m. and I am still awake and updating my blog. xD

Nothing special actually, just maybe share with you guys a lil story about me and him. :P

I was clearing my GoPro SD card as I will be going to Port Dickson for 2 days tea party organised by my current company (hope it's fun). While cleaning up, saw some photos of me and him at Cameron Highlands tea-partying (short trip I mean). Well, I supposed need to thank him as he really spend some time with me walk around, eat, walk around and eat. Thank you dear.. :3

Well, just wanted to highlight that it's been quite some time I did not visit Cameron Highlands, but it always amazed me with the beautiful flowers and tea plantation (I love flowers, all girls does, isn't it?). Walk around the Lavender Farm, Boh Tea Plantation (had some tea as well) and eat all the way.

Sorry for I did not really took much pictures of food because the most beautiful and enjoyable moment, you will not even bother or remember to snap a photo. Anyway, share with you guys some beautiful scenery in Cameron Highlands and I really hope to go again as there are many pictures taken by him, was either too blur or shaky (sorry baby.. ^^'').

Well, till next update (talk about Port Dickson, maybe?). See ya.. xD

Boh Tea Plantation scenery... what a beautiful day :)

Scrolling the phone to see what is our next plan

Not bad right? xD

"I know I'm cool".

Smile :)

Excited when saw a swing here

It's more excited when saw those beautiful flowers all the way down

Woman are just like rose. They are beautiful, but dangerous sometimes.

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