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9:14 PM

Hey hey lovelies and foodies. Wish you guys have a happy December day.

So sorry to skip update during end of last month as I just stay at home most of the time and doing nothing. ^^'' But.... no worries, December is here, so I am back to KL this week!! Yay!! (happy mode is on!!)

Today I just spend some time with my family at restaurant. We place our order and foods are served. They just taste normal like those original chicken chop and 'nasi lemak'. The only special thing is the chicken and those meaty stuff are totally vegetarian. Then we only realized we are at fully vegetarian restaurant. That was awesome vegetarian taste I had never taste before! (^.^)

After eating date, me and younger cousie went for movie date as the cinema just right beside the restaurant. Though I'm a grown up lady, I love animation movies as non existed characters teach us a lot. Simple, yet awesome day for me. (^.^)

Well, though it's a lil too simple and nothing special, spending time with relatives won't guide us to no no path. Hope to write more as my KL life is coming back soon. I know Mr Chooi sure not in happy mode as we back to long distance relationship life again. But no worries, nothing comes easy. Just stay positive will do. ^.^

Would love to update more in future. Have a good day and Foodilicious.

Vegetarian style 'nasi lemak'
"Yum yum of vegetarian chicken chop!"
"Come let's take a selfie", says Anabelle.

Movie time <3

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