Hope my dreams come true~ :3

10:01 PM

Hey hey lovelies and foodies. Have a beautiful day yo. ^.^

Today's blog just wanna share with you guys a story of my new dreams while I'm celebrating my 23rd birthday last week.

Before my birthday week, there is too many things blocking on my way or in other words, I'm facing too many challenges. No matter in jobs, idea brainstorming process, or even relationship between friends issue, it just keep bothering me. I just want to let go. Let it be as not everything I can control such as gossips (what can I do?? =3=).

Therefore, I have made up my mind to be better me starting on the day after 17th of January this year. I need to made up my domain page better (as need some time to fix everything >.<), more food dating, and be better me. I know this is too personal issue, but I just hope to have any comments, suggestions or even advise for me on how to be better me. Do drop me a mail to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com if you guys have a word for me yo.

I'm really sorry for letting you guys down if this blog doesn't really suit your taste but I promise I will have more fun updates coming soon yo. Hope to get more food dating and ideas of my needs soon yo. Have a great day foodies and lovelies. Foodilicious.

I'm a foodie since young as my mouth just can't stop chewing foods. xD
Everything is technicolor.
Having dinner at Pizza Hut as I'm craving for so long. xD
Appetizer and drinks..
... and pizzas of cause...
Handmade WIFI connection symbol using pizza crust for fun sometimes. xD

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