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Hey hey lovelies and foodies. As I promised, life update from me is a lil rush this week yo but I will just do my best. ^.^

From the last post, I do tell you guys my cousin booked me for a birthday dinner date at Korean restaurant right? She do treat me, just earlier than I expected. We are having a karaoke session and she suddenly says, "Sis, why not dinner at Korean restaurant tonight?" I was so surprised and all I can do is just snapped a photo since I'm lil too busy eating that moment. I know you guys understand. xD

Since it's my birthday week, let me share more food experience with you all too. This few days I rush up and down for dinner date and all I remember the most is on 16th of Jan, I was invited as a partner from Mr Chooi for his friends annual dinner at Ipoh. Once he success to get permission from my Mom Manager, so off we go (by the way, is a day trip cause my Mom Manager wouldn't want us to overnight outside xD).

Though this Cantonese style restaurant a lil old school design, but the food is awesome. To be straightforward, this is a non-halal restaurant and for pork lovers, you guys really need to give a try here. Not only the food taste awesome, their food was design/place nicely and made us feel we are at those dynasty era. Before dismiss after dinner, they even surprise me and celebrate my birthday. Though is simple, but I love it. XD

To be honest, it's a lil hard for me to explain much cause I'm lil noob in Chinese words (though I know how to speak, listen and write a lil la) as I'm English educated since young. I will post everything that I know so that no mis-sharing with you guys and maybe pictures speaks louder than me? XD

If you guys have any comments, suggestions or even critics for me, welcome to drop me a mail to to have chat too yo. Till next update and sharing. Love food, love yourself and Foodilicious.^.^v

Sun Marpoh Restaurant,
67-69, Jalan Lau Pak Khuan,
Ipoh Garden, 31400 Ipoh,

05 - 5455 127

Business hour:
Monday - Sunday (EVERYDAY)
11.30 a.m. - 10.00 p.m.

- Non-halal as they serve pork
- They do even open during public holiday including Chinese New Year yo
- Advance table reservation is better to avoid waiting for so long as restaurant always full house
- Some terms and conditions applies yo

Karaoke session time.. ^.^v
One and only picture I got for the Korean cuisine date... ^^''
五福临门   Five Blessings
RM 150
Scallop siew mai, steamed egg with omelette, deep fried prawns roll, smoked duck and etc...
My very first time saw this beautiful appetizer
蟹王翅   King Crab Soup
RM 70
Crab meat, Eggy, soupy and etc...
A small style dish of crabbie soup 
清蒸白须公 Steamed Mystus Numerus Fish
RM 60
Fresh steamed fish
Awesome as the meat is very smooth and fresh
肉丝萝卜 Steam Vegetable with shredded ham with mushroom
RM 25
Mushrooms, milk cabbage with some shredded ham
Vegetarian like dish except it was decorated with the shredded ham
金屋藏宝   Treasure box in the house
RM 28
Vegetarian tofu with mixed veges inside
双味鸡   Double taste Chicken
RM 56
2 styled of chicken dish
Thai style and Chinese style chicken is served
麦片虾   Nestum Prawn dish
RM 60
Cereal Prawns
Fresh and big sized prawns 
香酥猪手   Deep Fried Pork Knuckle
RM 48
Deep fried pork with man tou bun and special sauce
I'm sure is just awesome for pork lovers
As usual, dessert at the last. Though is just a simple logan soup, but is sweet.
Happy Birthday to me! ^.^
(I have too many nicknames : Apple Berry / Queen Bii / Karen, and that's why ^^'')

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