Chinese New Year preparation button is onz~ ^.^v

2:00 PM

Hey hey foodies and lovelies. Hope you guys have a beautiful day as tomorrow is Chinese New Year season... yahoohoo (excited mode onz)... ^,^v

So sorry for less update as I was busy in making new year cookies and Internet connection have issue as well at the same time. >.< Please forgive me.. >.<

Today's blog just wanted to share with you guys what am I doing most of the time for Chinese New Year cookies. Well, I'm trying to find back the old me as I love to help my aunt in baking and learning something new. I do have thought if in future it's hard for me to find a job, maybe being a home cooker or baker can help me find some earnings. xD (I'm not being negative, just want to have a back up plan ^.^''')

Others than having a date with the cookies, my mind keep thinking about how should I develop my domain page since I have a domain page but it's totally blank =3=''. All I can say is nothing is too hard, just need some time for it. I really do feel lucky as I still can do blogging and received lovely support from other bloggers as well. I promise that I will do my best with all I can. ^.^

If there is anyone out there have any comments, suggestions or critics, do drop me a mail to about what should I improve or what topic should I share with all lovelies and foodies yo. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be better me. Till next update and Foodilicious. ^.^

Bee Hive cookies making.. :3
Crab Meat biscuits... ^.^
Pineapple Tarts.. though it looks hard to make, but still okay..  :3
I don't know what this cookie name, I just know how to make and EAT!! xD
Even my granny is learning how to make new recipe cookies from her sister. 
Even my mom learning as well and jotting notes for the recipe. 
'"It's showtime". ^.^
Bonus: Not only we are doing CNY preparation and having new cloths, even Coffee also want t have Chinese New Year cloths. (PS: Coffee is a male doggy o... xD)

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