New year with new happy foodie me~ ^.^

3:00 PM

Happy New Year lovelies and foodies. Wish you guys have a blast yo in this beautiful year. ^3^

Just want to do some sharing with you guys how lucky and happy I am during this new year celebration (just some meet up and dining with friends la ^.^). My KL life is back to me slowly. Yay!!!! ^.^

I just thought maybe having a shopping date with a new friend is already enough, but... more happy story is at the back ^.^. After having a date with new friend at Times Square Mall, dinner date with my ex - college friends a.k.a ex - housemates really do made my day more meaningful. This is totally made me very happy. XD

Though not much food sharing....again /3\... but having girl's day is awesome for me ^.^V. We chit chat a lot and they even buy me a present and hope me to recover fast and stay healthy. I really feel so touched as we seldom keep in touch but they do really care about me so much. Thank you girls!! ^.^ Love you girls so much... ^3^

How about lovelies and foodies celebration? Do share with me your story to so that we can have a chit chat too. ^3^ Really hope everything comes smoothly and more food dating as well xD. That's all for this sharing and really hope to share more food story with you guys on next blog. Foodilicious. <3

Present from my friends. This hamburger really do made my day. ^.^
Coffee, Tea or Me?

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