Upcoming food dating updates ^3^v

1:43 PM

Hey hey lovelies and foodies. Wish you all have a beautiful day with beautiful you yo. :3

Today have nothing much to share, just want to update you guys that I might have many upcoming food dating this week as I will be 23 this Sunday. XD Therefore, if I didn't really update my blog this week, I promise that I will update as soon as possible to share with you guys ya. :3

Starting tomorrow, my schedule already being book by my cousin as she want to treat me Korean cuisine. I hope that I have chance to take a lot of picture because the Korean cuisine we will be going is way too awesome as I went there before once (can wear their hanbok o.. *excited mode on* xD).

Well, hope everything is going well and awesome so that I can share with my lovelies and foodies. Till next update yo. Foodilicious. ^3^

Last time of wearing Korean costume before food dating start to begin xD
Lady costume... is it ok on me? ^.^''
Just have natural and fresh coconut juice to boost up myself... sweet~
Lovelies and Foodies remember to have a look at the Sushi Zento Ipoh post as well yo. Foodilicious.

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