Amico Cafe date.. ^.^v

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Sweet day with sweet life is awesome enough. ^.^ Hey hey lovelies and foodies. Hope you guys are doing great as life if perfectly sweet ^3^.

Today's bloggie will share with you guys about me and Mr Chooi's review on this artistic lovely Amico Cafe. This is not my first visit anyway (as I have a familia date here before xP). So... just tell you guys what is my point of view to this cafe then. ^.^

Amico Cafe is a nice spot for a sweet gathering date with family and friends as their environment is calm with relaxing music (it's my opinion la ^^""). Me and my cousies are excited during our first visit as their menu attract us the most. Other than coffee and tea, they do serve some fusion western food as well yo to make your day such as chop, pasta, salad, and etc. It's really hard for me to explain much as I do understand that not everyone is having the same opinion as me (if you know what I mean ^^''). Let's have a look back to my first visit here ^.^

Here we are to Amico Cafe.. ^.^
Oreo Cheesecake
This is the first thing I look at when I reach here for the first time ^.^
Cheese Melted Chicken Chop
RM 15
Double XL Cajun Burger
RM 16
Salted Grilled Salmon
Fresh salmon fillet is all I can say ^.^
RM 28
Carbonara & Grilled Fish
RM 15
Salted Caramel Banana Waffle
RM 12
Well, though it's a sweet date when I'm with my family for the first time, but is a lil different when I'm with Mr Chooi ^.^"" I'm not sure whether I'm too sensitive or what, the dish they serve got slightly different in taste and portion as well. Maybe picture can tell you more? ^.^''

Carbonara & Grilled Fish
RM 15
** It do have slightly different in portion and taste... or I'm too sensitive? 0.0
Salted Caramel Banana Waffle
RM 12
** But I like this is quite bog portion and sweet as always... ^.^
Mr Chooi doesn't seems happy... ^^'''
And that's all about my Amico Cafe date. Stay tuned with me as more stories to come. Do drop me a comment below about my stories or send me a mail to for any queries (personal chat?? sounds good to me! ^.^). Have a beautiful day with Foodiicious ^3^v

Amico Cafe
Lorong 3, Taman Bunga Ros,
32000 Sitiawan,
(Next to The Store shopping mall)

Business Hour:
Monday - Sunday  :  12 pm - 12 am

Contact no:
05 - 691 7441

Facebook - Amico Cafe (

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