Ipoh Plan B date~ ^.^ [Food Review]

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It's a sweet day when you have a sweet life. Hope lovelies and foodies are doing great as May is just around the corner. ^.^

At first, I do keep asking myself should I be happy as I have this chance to have a sweet date at Ipoh Plan B. Is not a normal food hunting as I was being invited to have a food review here and I do enjoy myself.. A LOT. Thanks to The BIG Group for giving me this chance. ^.^

To be honest, it's my first time dining at Plan B though there are many branches at KL ^^''''. So, all I share here is really my personal review and hope you guys don't really mind yo ^^'''.

Here we are at Ipoh Plan B.. ^.^
Today is just a food tasting event for those invited only... really made me surprised.. 0.0
0.0 So many people o.... 0.0'''
Standby some drinks for guest...
Having friends date here is really not bad yo. 
I'm ready for my tasting yo... ^.^
This resto do made me feel amazed as the decoration do have some classic and trendy feel. Though Perak is my hometown, obviously there are many places that I don't really know about =3=''. Let us talk about food then. They served drinks, appetizer, mains and desserts for food tasting that night. Really awesome is all I say, maybe pictures can tell you guys more?


Skin on Fries with Dips
Fries served with lime mayonnaise, Singapore chili and salted egg.
** For my personal review, the salted egg its salty, but too too salty, Singapore chili have the sambal taste, but it's not spicy at all yo and lime mayonnaise is lil tangy and it's perfect for me.

Kristy's Kruchy Kale Salad
Served with hazelnuts and crunchy bits peanut dressing
** It's a lil tangy and made me craving to have more food dates (for my personal review la ^^'')
Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Served with waffles, slaw and fries
** At the first sight, I was thinking I'm having some kind of fine dining moment ^///^ (syok sendiri). The fried chicken is awesome served with salad and you didn't really feel that you are munching the waffle when you eating together with the fried chicken (my personal review la ^@^)
Zucchini Spaghettini
Pasta served with some fresh tomatoes, garlic confit and Parmesan
** Is a must try by cheesy lovers (if you know what I mean ^.^).
Salmon Rice Bowl
Served with edamame, avocado, greens, furikake and chili soy dressing
** The chili is not a spicy dressing and once you eat everything together, you might need to order for 2nd dish ^^

Alert: There are 4 types of desserts here
1) Cham Affogato - is not a normal affogato as it served with teh tarik ice cream yo ^.^
2) Springfield Donut - I like it a lot as it do have some carrot cake taste (my point of view la ^^"")
3) Black Forest Pavlova - It's chocolaty and with some orange taste in it 0.0
4) Jaffa Cake - It's sweet and creamy. I guess it would be cakey lover? ^.^
Wait... any drinks? ^^'''

Passionfruit Iced Tea
Iced Chocolate
As summary, their dish really do taste good with their specialty and something that we didn't thought before. Why not give a try? Trying something new do make us realize that our life is not that small (if you guys understand what I mean ^^''). How do lovelies and foodies think about this Plan B? For me, I will be back as I miss out their Elderflower Mint Lemonade (I'll be back!!).

Do drop me your comments below or send me mail to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com for any queries or collaboration yo (personal chat also welcome ^.^). Hope to have more sweet date and hope lovelies and foodies have a sweet day too yo.

Till next update and Foodilicious ^.^v

Plan B
No 75, Jalan Panglima,
30000 Ipoh,

Contact no:
05 - 249 8286


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