DIY Hot Dog Spaghetti date... ^3^

2:27 PM

Hey hey lovelies and foodies. It's a beautiful day when we know what to eat or do, right? ^.^""

Last week, after using half day thinking what to do for myself date, all I think of is my memories in cooking with my college friends a.k.a. my housemates ^.^. It's not very new stuff to us as this DIY Hot Dog Spaghetti is kinda simple but yet very memorable for me ^.^

All we need is just hot dogs, spaghetti and pasta sauce of your choice. Simple right?
Cut the defrost hot dogs to smaller portion so that easy to put the spaghetti in. 
It's a lil hard work yo.. ^.^''
When the water is boiling, let us boil the hot dog spaghetti. ^.^v
Guess it's ready.. yum yum.. ^.^
Just cook your optional sauce. For me, some tomato clam sauce maybe? ^.^
With some cheese after done cooking, this really do made my day special. ^.^
Well, having some personal date with myself really do made my day. How about you guys? Do lovelies and foodies have any special memories that made your day? Share with me your stories at comment box below or mail me at about your stories.

Hope that I can have more ideas or suggestions to have quality time for myself. Have a great day and Foodilicious ^.^ v

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