Banana Nutella Chimichanga date.. ^.^v

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Hey hey lovelies and foodies. Wish you guys are doing great as weekend is just around the corner yo. ^.^

Today's story is just a sharing about my personal experience of cooking date. After the bad story happens, I did not really back to kitchen as I scare that I can't manage properly >.<. Anyway, really thanks to Food Ink for giving me this sweet idea and courage to back to my cooking lifestyle. ^.^ I'm not good in explain much, maybe pictures could help me? ^.^''

We just need bananas, Nutella and Popiah wrapper ^.^
Banana cut into half as Popiah wrapper is a lil hard to wrap the whole banana ^^''
Let us spread Nutella on the Popiah wrapper ^.^
Next, put a Banana (that you have cut into half) on the wrapper...
... and roll up,..
... fold the left wrapper,...
... fold the right, roll up the wrapper...
... and Ta Dah... It's ready to fry. ^^v
Just fry till  the wrapper becomes brown.
(the oil might be brown is just because of Nutella. No issues ^^)
Ta Da... this is it!! ^.^ *excited*
Introduce to you the Banana Nutella Chimichanga ^.^v
Easy right? Really thanks to Food Ink for giving me this awesome sweet date with banana and nutella. ^.^ Really hope there's more to come as I can have more homemade date rather than keep on hunting food date. If lovelies and foodies have story telling or any recipe to share with me, do tell me in comment box below or drop me mail to for further chat.

That's all for today's story, and really hope that I can have more cooking story to share. Have a great day and Foodilicious ^.^v

For more details and video tutorial, do check out:

Credits to Food Ink

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