Thanks 2015's lesson and Hello to 2016~ ^.^

1:30 PM

Hey hey foodies and lovelies. Happy New Year <eve> and hope you guys doing great yo. ^.^

Well, since Tuesday's food tasting postponed, I have nothing much to share about food...again... /.\... All I can share is just wanna tell you guys what is my new year's resolution (hope it won't too boring for you guys ^^").

After the accident, I totally can just conclude my 2015's lesson. I have learnt to take good care of myself. This is because the old me is very busy and seldom back to hometown to visit my mom and grandma. I do feel a lil bad since making them so worry. >.<

My next resolution is just be happy and positive always. Though I still in recovery process, maybe is my chance to observe and know what is more important for me. Just need to observe whether my current company is it worth for me to chase as a dream like past few years and need to think what should I do to have side income. ^^""

Last but not least, having more food dating will be best for me. ^.^ Hope to discover more foods and travelling story so that I can share with lovelies and foodies. I wonder what lovelies and foodies's resolution of 2016. Do share with me as well to

Well, like always, picture time (not much picture actually... Hope you guys don't mind... ^^'''). Till next year, hope to have more food dating and sharing with you all. Till next bloggie update, bye bye and Foodilicious. ^.^

Slogans that keep remind me to be better me on 2016.
The best memories I had been through this year. Next year will be better. ^.^
Just don't know how to make it rotate.. ^^'' Hope the old and skillful arts back to me. By the way, this is my first drawing during my recovery process. Comments are welcome.

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