BMS Organics bloggers media conference date~ (^.^)v

3:22 PM

Hello hello foodies and lovelies. Hope you guys doing great yo as life is perfectly sweet (^.^). So sorry for delay sharing with you guys about this story as I'm busy preparing to back KL after Running Man restaurant date ^^"". Well, hope it's not too late for me to share with you guys my memorable day stories.

Let me summarized my 2 days KL stories on last weekend (actually should be a day trip but my granny call me not to rush back since its too late night ^^""). I went to bloggers conference, then dessert hunting and went to Hot Air Balloon carnival for day 1. I just take some time to walk around Genting Highlands to get some cool and fresh air (but the weather is hot instead cool =="") on day 2 before back to hometown.

Day 1 activities...
... and Day 2 activities. ^^
I'm surprised and lucky to go to my very first time bloggers conference (thanks to <FB: Ivy Kam> for giving me this opportunity ^.^).

BMS Organics and celebrity chef, Chef Wan, was the host to tell us what and how should we eat healthily. This is my very first time eating organic food and I do thought eating organic foods must be tasteless, but... this is totally different. Chef Wan is very funny motivator. He shares a lot of tips and stories with bloggers on how to stay healthy so that we can continue to have more food dates. Though it might be a lil hard, at least once a week to consume organic foods is more than enough. 

How about BMS Organics? BMS Organics is the largest organic retail chain in The Malaysia Book of Records. Other than organic F&B, BMS Organics do provide an extensive range of organic and eco-friendly products as well such as skincare products, health supplement and as well as household products yo. Interesting right? ^.^

For more info, do visit:
Facebook - BMS Organics (
Website -

Sunway Pyramid branch...
Morning everyone... ^.^
Sharing on how to take care our health by Chef Wan..
Preparing organic meals for giving us a try...
Asam Laksa Vermicelli Soup
Fresh tomato, tomato puree and apple cider vinegar are used to replace dried tamarind (asam) and served with wholesome unbleached flour noodle or brown rice vermicelli
Organic Soya Milk Curry Laksa Noodles
Served with a healthier choice of unbleached flour noodle or brown rice vermicelli to satisfy our appetite, using freshly ground galangal, turmeric and dried chilies to made savoury curry paste. Yum yum...
Nasi Lemak with Soy Chicken Rendang
Healthy Almond milk to quench thrist 
So, let's start to eat ^.^
Bonus: Thanks for goodie bag and it do let me understand more about organic F&B
Well, that's all I learnt from Chef Wan and BMS Organics. As usual, dessert hunt is all I can do after had my meal (what to do, I have a sweet tooth ma ^^""). Since I'm at Subang Jaya area, why not have a visit to Aboong? It's not a joke o... they selling fishy ice cream which I wanted to try for so long ^.^v.

Aboong Malaysia
49, Ground floor, 
Jalan SS 15/8a,
47500 Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur.

Yay... finally I'm here!! *excited* ^.^
Seoul in Love
With signature softserve yogurt, choco dipped marshmallows, love sprinkles, with choco Aboong fish waffle, Nutella filling and a choco love letter
(This is my first try and I love it.. too bad, it's a promotional item... >.<)
^.^ Imma happy girl... Well, looks like is too much for sharing in a post ^^''. Will share with you all in my next blog yo. Do drop me a mail to for any comments or suggestions yo. Have an awesome day and Foodilicius. ^.^

PS: So sorry for blur images as I'm too excited and still in learning process. Will improve myself more in future. ^.^v

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