Midvalley Mini Mini Cafe date~ ^3^v

12:29 PM

Hey hey lovelies and foodies. Happy weekday and hope you guys are doing great yo. ^.^

Today's story just wanna share with you guys my experience at Midvalley Mini Mini Cafe. For my personal thought, I do love this cafe so much as they serve friendly services and very relaxing deco. The taste of the meal here is really awesome as well (just... some of my fries a lil too salty ^^"" my personal view maybe??)

Owh... here it is... 
Wait a minute....
WOW... seriously? You can choose Left, Right sit in the Middle.
Welcome to Mini Mini Cafe. ^.^
At first, I do thought the dish will be cost a lil high since the deco here very beautiful, BUT... its totally different from what I expect. The price is affordable and the environment here is a definitely yes for any gathering dining (for my opinion la xD). Though I'm a 'part-time' cosplayer for so many years, this cafe do highly recommend to cosplayer friends as you might be interested about the deco more than others (because purchasing deals available here too yo.. ^.^). Maybe lovelies and foodies should have a try here too?

Very relaxing environment (for me la.. ^.^"")
RM 9.90 is the weekdays promotional deal...
Mushroom Pizza + Soft drink
Only cost RM 9.90 NETT yo
This is the end of my sharing. Drop me a mail to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com for any comments or story telling yo. I'll keep on food + fun hunting so that I can do more sharing with lovelies and foodies. Love you guys and Foodilicious. ^.^v

So beautiful... 
Aiks... whats under my table? 0.o
Seriously?!? Even while dining able to enjoy the deco as its just under the table.
Before dining: Hi...
After dining: ... Bye
I'll be back!!!
Mini Mini Cafe
Lot T-007A & T-005C,
3rd Floor, Midvalley Megamall,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Business hours:
Monday - Sunday : 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.

For Malay friends, you are safe here as they DO NOT serve porky (means halal la.. ^.^"")

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  1. WOW... that deco is surely something...and that first doll..super kawaii!!

    1. This place really do made my day when I'm there.. ^^

  2. So beautiful the deco at right there ..... Such a lovely place for besties to hang out at there.... just for girl's talk ...hahahah

    1. Do agree with you as this is awesome spot to have girls talk ^.^

  3. woww Wendy... love this post... so many cute thing... i'm a cosplayer fan...this will be my fave list to go whenever to go to KL... :) definitely will 'kyaaaa~' a lot... hahahaha

    1. I do understand how you feel as I'm a cosplayer and this place do made me feel so lovely ^^

  4. waa.. cantik nye !!! ade pengesahan halal tak restoren ni ? kalau ade nanti boleh la kakak singgah.. hee~

    1. Kalau tak silap, its halal café since masa tu ade juga muslim friend having a food date here... ^^

  5. The cafe looks so cute !! Never know Midvalley got such cafe ~ gonna try on this ..

    1. Thia café really do a lil hard to find at first, but just near to Starbucks and GSC area of Midvalley. ^^


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