Sekinchan "Mis" Mentarang Bakar date ~ ^.^v

3:20 PM

Hey hey lovelies and foodies. I know it's my fault as I did not update much this few days but I will do my best to share stories with you all. ^.^

I just back from KL yesterday evening, where my actual plan to stay at KL for 2 weeks instead of 2 days (=3='''). While on the way back to Perak home, was looking for coconut drink to quench my thirst actually, but something special attract Mr Chooi's attention (He is more excited than me while I say let's dine here ^3^).

"Mis" Mentarang Bakar shop was selling grilled seafood such as clams, lokan, mentarang and such. This was my very first time eating grilled seafood except fish la ^.^''' While I'm enjoying eating grilled clams and the simple moment, I was planning to have 2nd trip here as their main dish here is the grilled mentarang (Pholas Orientalis is the English name for it. It's hard for me to explain much as I know how it looks like and how to eat ^^'''').

"Mis" Mentarang Bakar
Pasir Panjang, Seknchan,

GPS no:
3.536672, 101.084969

019 - 247 2130

We are here to have a try... ^.^
Yup... totally fresh coconut drink... <3
Boss was preparing food for me and Mr Chooi... really excited... 
I'm ready.. ^.^
My first try of grilled calms and to be honest, I love this so much with the sweet and sour sauce.
I'll be back for the mentarang date. Just wait for me... 
So sorry that I can't explain more details to you guys as I was busy eating grilled calms and drinking fresh coconut juice that time. It was my very first time eating grilled calms instead of boiled calms (satisfied mode onz.. ^.^). I'll be back to  this shop and share more with you guys about their grilled seafood stories. Do drop me comments or advise to to be better me yo. Have a great day ahead and Foodilicious. ^.^v

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