KL-2-days Trip stories Part 2~ ^.^v

11:55 AM

Beautiful day with beautiful lovelies and foodies do made my day yo ^.^

Today's blog is just (continuous) sharing about my 2 days trip at KL yo. Last post is about my bloggers conference and food hunting right? So today's story will start from Hot Air Balloon festival. Though I live at KL for almost 5 years, this is my very first time to Hot Air Balloon festival that located at Putrajaya Precint 2. Well, walking around and enjoy my life is all I can do 

Though I don't have the chance for hot air balloon ride, at least I'm here.
I'll be back!!
First time ever to this festival.. yay.. ^.^
Smile.. ^@^
Thanks to David for this sweet shot of me and Mr Chooi. *lovely*
And... that's the end of day 1 story. How about day 2? Well, food hunting is all I  do as is very important to treat ourselves better. Actually plan to have a food dating at Walffenie Sea Park, but plan changed as I pass by to very cute restaurant (for me la... ^@^). And to be honest, is a SERIOUSLY NON-HALAL resto yo (sorry.. will made up a better food dating in future.. ^^'''')

Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches is a barbecue and Asian fusion restaurant that attract me for the first sight. The decoration and service is really awesome as the crew / waitress do recommend us foods with detailed explanation. "Laugh. Live. Love. But first, EAT!" is the mission of this resto. It's very hard for me to explain how it tickles my heart but maybe some photos could help me to explain more? ^^""

We are here at...
... Ticklish oink oink restaurant. ^@^
You Braise Me Up
This lil fatty had its streaky loins simmering in a sauce that is sinful and heavenly all at once
RM 18 nett
Extra meat - RM 8
Once You Go Black
Lean slices of pork. Big and black. Sweet yet salty. Sure you can handle it?
RM 16 nett
Extra meat - RM 6
Hoilam Ting
Pork chop. One awesome Hainanesse recipe. Three times the crazy.
RM 16 nett
Extra meat - RM 6
Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches
No 5, Ground Floor,
Jalan 21/11A, Sea Park,
46300 Petaling Jaya.

Business Hours:
Monday - Sunday   : 12 p.m - 10 p.m

03 - 7865 9126

Facebook - Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches (https://www.facebook.com/ticklishribs/timeline) 
Webpage -  http://www.ticklishribs.com/

I'm a happy me ^.^ After food dating, have a short trip to  Genting Highlands for some cool and fresh air trip. To be honest and surprised, the weather is a lil warm than usual and maybe cause of climate and holiday crowds ^^". 

Here we go... 
Cherish yourself, Pamper your health
Totally agree.. *drink bird nest*
Its a Children's Day festival... 0.0
Well, and that's the end of my KL-2-days trip stories ^.^. The lessons that I learnt from this 2-days- trip is that we should have ourselves day no matter short trip or holidays, we should treat ourselves better as money can't finish earning (if you know what I mean ^^""). This is the end of today's sharing and do drop me a mail to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com for any questions or comments yo. 

Have a great day and Foodilicious ^.^v

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