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11:55 AM

Yo yo lovelies and foodies ^.^ Though weather is a lil too hot lately, but it's okay as just take it as big love to you from mother Earth ^3^

Today's sharing is just about coconut date I had at my hometown here. Once you guys feel so hot and thirsty, I'm sure you guys will think of ice-cream, cool drinks or even anything related to ice right? Well, all I think of is just to have some fruit juice is more than enough for me ^.^

Once I heard coconut, all I think of is Kelapapa cafe. Kelapa is a Malay language means Coconut as well. This is a newbie cafe that only provide coconut related drinks to quench thirst. For my opinion. it's cute and special cafe that I've never met before. By the way, if you guys wanna have a drink here, need to come early as place is limited and a lot of people ^.^'''

Kelapapa Enterprise
Lot 14781, Jalan Lumut,
32000 Sitiawan, Perak.

013 - 267 3310 / 011 - 1617 8525

Facebook - Kelapapa Dessert (

Yay.. we are here at Kelapapa~
Alert... they just only have 4 menus yo... ^^'''
Coconut juice
Fresh coconut juice with coconut flesh
RM 3.50
Coconut shake
Ice blended coconut juice
RM 4.50
Coconut Bird Nest drink
Seriously, full of bird nest with coconut flavor for beauty and quench thirst purpose.. not bad...
RM 19.90
Coconut Jelly
Jello is what I like the most
RM 4.00
PS: So sorry for the image color merged with the background as I have never think about it and I'm a lil rush to have the coconut drink most of the time ^^'''

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  1. Such a cute bottle for the Coconut Bird Nest... So far away in Perak..but now I know where to pitstop if I were to go up..

  2. Thanks for sharing... will discover more as I'm still newbie in blogging. Hope you can advise me more yo. ^.^


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