[D.I.Y. Deco] D.I.Y. Straw Roses~ ^.^

8:13 PM

Hey lovelies and foodies! I'm back for story telling a.k.a story sharing with you guys again (hope this won't made you guys feel bored ^^''). Just a quick personal sharing anyway ^3^

May I know what do you guys remember the most when in elementary school? I do try to find back myself other than drawing and dancing life memory, finally I remember this story. Well, it's not much special, just having D.I.Y. straw roses date. ^^''

D.I.Y. Straw Rose(s)
(So sorry if it doesn't seems like one ^^"")
I don't really recall why and how I did it, but, hope it's not too bad for you guys as reference? ^.^'' Since last week share about the D.I.Y. Edible Rose, why not I share with you guys about D.I.Y. Straw Rose (hope you guys don't mind if the presentation doesn't seems like a rose.. ^^""").

Step 1: Straw is all we need
(It's more easy if we made with clothing belt - those female elementary school uniform  kind of belts
Step 2: Twist the straw like 90º
Step 3: Twist the right side to the left
(hope I explain well? >.<'')
Step 4: Twist the down to up
(even I don't really understand what am I trying to explain >.<''''')
Step 5: Continue the steps till the end left this short
Step 6: This is what will look like when you done twisting aroud
Step 7: Hold one of the side and pull the other side up
Step 8: And tadah.. this is the rose
(if my presentation not that bad ^^"")

And that's the end of my sharing. Hope lovelies and foodies don't mind that if the outcome doesn't seems like a rose ^^"" There will be more sharing coming soon IF... I have more ideas on what to share ^^''. Do share with me your D.I.Y. stories or recommendation for me to do yo. For collaboration (or personal chat ^^), do mail me to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com yo. Stay tuned with more surprise from me and Foodilicious ^3^v

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