[Food Deco] D.I.Y. Edible Roses deco.. ^.^

9:45 PM

Hey foodies and lovelies. I'm back with my special story about D.I.Y. thingy and hope that it will made your day as my presentation it's not very nice.. ^^"".

First of all, I need to thanks to Facebook as I saw a video (but I don't really recall who post it ^^"") about edible roses deco. Once Food Ink repost another video that is almost similar, I decided to made it out (hope you guys don't mind of not-really-perfect presentation ^^"")

Do you want to have something like this?
(So sorry for not really nice presentation and do ignore the veges as my cousie say more beautiful if fully deco ^^""")

Well, the steps to made these are not hard (do have a look at this video tutorial by Food Ink ^^), just in case you need more time to think what fruit roses you wanna made. For me, I try to made kiwi rose. ^.^''

Step 1: Prepare the fruit of your choice
(Eg: strawberry, mango, avocado, even cucumber is not bad ^.^)
Steep 2: Cut into half of the fruit..  
(like obviously.. =.=)
Step 3: Cut the fruit slices
(not too thin or too thick slices as it's a lil hard to shape the deco >.<)
Step 4: Arrange them like this and roll it up slowly and...
Step 5: ... you will get the final look after roll everything up vertically
(did I give correct direction? =.=''')

So.. yeah. That's the mini sharing that I had done (personally ^^''). Do check out a tutorial video by Food Ink to have more idea what I'm trying to share here ^^"". If you guys have done this before, do share with me how to have better presentation at comment box below. ^^

My cousie do say that why not we make it more creative to make like a dish? ^.^
Bonus: By adding some vege as deco, yogurt as sauce and mualah..
Your Personalized Rose Dish is served.. Muahahahaha.. xD
Hope my sharing is not too boring and do made your day. For any collaboration or queries (or even personal chat), do drop me email to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com yo. Till next sharing and Foodilicious ^3^

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