Uncle Lokan date... ^.^v

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Hey hey lovelies and foodies. Though there are many challenges need to be done, but I'm sure which one need to settle first is based on their priorities. ^.^

Anyway, today's story is just about lokan (^.^). So, what is Lokan? In other words, Lokan is known as Clams (0.0'' seriously?!?!). Is just that the word of lokan is often used in Malaysia as there are many kind of dish about this seafood yo.

At Teluk Batik Manjung here, Uncle Zul (if I'm not mistaken ^^") is selling this fresh lokan with his motorbike (those very kampung-like motor 0.0), do explain and teach us the best way of cooking for this lokan. Seems like very easy and it really do taste awesome as he only sell those fresh lokan yo. We do buy for the first time as it only cost RM 10 for 3kg o (is not a joke ler 0.0) and I'm sure Chef Mama Janet will have many ideas on how to cook this lokan instead of just steam boil. ^.^

This is the first time I try it and I love it so much... Really fresh! ^0^
This is the boss, Uncle Zul / John / I don't really remember his name. Uncle Lokan maybe? ^.^
Other than steam boil, cook it other way? 0.0
Or teppanyaki syle? ^.^
Bonus: My granny met her lost lost friend while buying the lokan with the boss. ^.^ The world is really small o..
Well, looks like we know where to seek fresh and cheap seafood to eat o ^.^ Can buy the lokan from Uncle Zul and call Chef Mama Janet to cook for you, why not?? (A win win situation o.. ^.^). Do share with me any suggestions or comments from you guys at the comment box below and mail me to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com for any collaboration (or personal chat also ok geh.. ^.^).

Last but not least, wish you guys Happy Labour Day and Foodilicious ^.^v

Contact no:
019 - 4067 439

Business Hour:
Monday - Friday                     : Near Econsave Shopping Mall Manjung
Sat, Sun and Public Holidays : Teluk Batik beach

- Buy from home service is available o (Need to give a call first and T&C applies yo)

Chef Mama Janet do serve you and cook for you if you want to. Just call 016-5406896 or visit LOT 10554 No 9, Kampung Bintang, 32000 Sitiawan, Perak as this is a home base restaurant. ^.^v

Chef Mama Janet service is here yo.. ^.^
This is Chef Mama Janet with her cooking creativity.. ^3^

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