KL Friends date at Dragon-i Midvalley~ ^3^

9:27 PM

Hey hey lovelies and foodies. Hope you guys doing great as weekend is just around the corner. ^.^ Since weekend is just around the corner, today just wanna share my personal story about my KL friends date. ^.^v

Really feel lucky to know and be friends with them as I'm surprised to know that they are worry and nervous about me when my bad story begins (if you guys don't really understand what I'm talking about, maybe click here will let you guys know more what is the story I'm trying to relate to ^.^''). They are my ex-colleagues, seniors and as well as buddies ^.^ Really grateful to know them as 'makan' date with them to chit chat around is all we can do. ^.^

Come... let's have a cup of tea while busy chit chatting session begins. ^.^
Xiao Long Bao
It's the signature dish in Dragon-i and I really do satisfied with it ^.^
Due to my Stewed Spinach Tofu with Wild Mushroom is out of stock, I just randomly order Sauteed Kailan with Black Fungus dish (if I'm not mistaken la ^^''')
RM 28
Sauteed Egg White with Fish and Dried Scallops
New to me but taste awesome for me ^^
RM 25
Longjing Tea Flavored Chicken
With farm chicken and the fragerance of Longjing tea really made my day ^.^
RM 38
Dessert anyone? ^.^
It's really casual friends date at Dragon-i Midvalley as we order a lot of dishes to dining like a family (if you know what I mean ^^''). Chit chatting around is all we do since its more than 6 moths we did not gathering around. They even let me snap photos first even they are hungry. Really sorry to made you guys worry about me and thank you for loving me. ^.^ Really glad and lucky to have you guys around. ^.^ *grateful*

Thank you guys for made my day and really lucky to have you guys around. ^.^
How about foodies and lovelies? Do share with me your grateful and happy story with me at the comment box below.For any collaboration (or personal chat ^.^), just drop a mail to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com will do yo. Hope you guys appreciate friends that you have right now and more stories to come yo.

Foodilicious ^.^v

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