[Mask Review] Facial moisturizing date~ ^.^

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Holla lovelies and foodies. Though life is hectic with work, spending time with myself and family is the most important thing need to be done. ^.^

Due to my hectic lazy me schedule, I know I should at least share a story once a week with you guys ^^''. Well, since I'm hardworking on beauty products survey lately, maybe I should share with you guys what is my personal review with this facial product I'm using lately (^3^). I was recommended by my KL friends about there are few Korean facial products that do moisturize our skin and made our skin ''doink doink'' effect yo. Since I was recommended by my friend, why not give a try?

N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask
Other than moisturizing my skin, it do help me with some whitening as well yo ^.^
[Personal opinion o..]
Seatree Mask
It do moisturize my skin and made my day as I feel funny when I saw my funny face with this mask ^.^
[Personal opinion yo...]
XXX Mask ^^''
 (All is in Korean words..so...I don't really know what is their brand)
It's kinda gel mask and do moisturized my skin when I clean my face after 20 mins
[Personal opinion yo.. ^.^]
They do have many options for you to choose what is the mask that represent your day ^.^
M-Mask 韩国面膜 is the place I got my Korean facial products as they do provide us Korean products from Korea yo. I do chat with the owner of M-Mask 韩国面膜 to know more about how it works as I'm currently at Perak state as they are from KL area. I'm satisfied with their service as they do serve, update and follow up on me as they provide awesome customer service (is my opinion la).

Bonus: Myself time with these skincare products do made my day ^.^
To be honest, as long as the skincare products do moisturize my skin, I will just go for it. How about lovelies and foodies? Drop me comments below to share with me your skincare recommendations or stories that you guys been through. For any collaborations (or personal chat ^^), do drop me emails to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com yo.

Hope my skin stay moisturize and healthy so that I can travel and have more food dates. Till the next story, hope you guys stay beautiful and Foodilicious ^3^

PS: M-Mask 韩国面膜 do have some awesome deals lately yo such as RM 5 / mask (with T&C applies yo). Is it sounds good to you? ^.^

Facebook - M-Mask 韩国面膜

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